Care That Brings Kids Back To Life

At one special medical foster home in China, orphaned and abandoned children from all over China with severe medical needs, health conditions and special needs receive such amazing care, they blossom right before their caregiver’s eyes.

Peace House is not an actual house, but rather a small apartment on the 26th floor of an otherwise unremarkable 31-story brick building in sprawling Beijing. But inside, the space is anything but unremarkable — it’s a miraculous, life-changing place every day. A place where the contributions of kind and generous donors make a world of difference to the children — often babies younger than 2 — who spend weeks or months here.

A caregiver plays with two children, both growing strong enough for surgery, in the living room of Peace House.

“The thing that most stands out to me about Peace House,” says Jessica Zeeb, Holt’s China waiting child coordinator, “is that the name really describes the environment. When you walk in, you get a sense of peace. It’s calm. The nannies aren’t standing, working on lots of tasks. They are on the floor with the children.” Continue reading “Care That Brings Kids Back To Life”

An Experience Worth a Million Words

On a recent trip, long-time supporters of the Peace House — Holt’s medical foster home in China —  got the chance to visit this vital program for orphaned and abandoned children with special needs.

If it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then seeing something in person must be worth a million! This became a reality for us in July when we had the chance to visit the Peace House in Beijing, China. Over the past three and a half years, we have been vested in this initiative, primarily through prayers and financial support.  So when Holt invited us to travel to northeastern China to visit multiple Holt initiatives in the area — including Peace House — we enthusiastically accepted.

The mission of Peace House is to take in orphaned and abandoned children from across China who have various health conditions that can be surgically addressed, such as cleft lip and palate, club feet or heart issues, and nurture that child through three steps. First, the staff at Peace House works to ensure the child is healthy enough to go into surgery. Second, Holt facilitates the corrective procedure at a quality Beijing-area hospital. Finally, following the procedure, they nurse the child to good health.  Once this is completed, the child returns to the orphanage or foster home where they came from. In most cases, these children will ultimately be placed in a loving home in China or the U.S.

A number of things impressed us during our visit. We were impressed that the care being provided by the staff is phenomenal.  It also reinforced our belief that the children absolutely deserve a place in life where they can thrive and fulfill the plan that God intends for them. And while there are multitudes of children in China who need medical help, it was extremely fulfilling to help the 8-10 children who were at the home during our visit. We felt some natural anxiety as we entered the Beijing apartment that houses these children and their caregivers.  Would this be what we expected it to be?  Within minutes, it became abundantly clear that this was more than we could have imagined.  We immediately “hit the floor” to hold and interact with these beautiful youngsters.  After we passed the children’s scrutiny, they warmed to us and permitted us to hold, cuddle and play with them.  At various times throughout our visit, our minds could not help but think, ‘Could we bring one of these precious kids home?’  : ) Continue reading “An Experience Worth a Million Words”

When They Could Not Be There…

Recently, we told you about a very special foster home in Beijing where orphaned and abandoned children from all over China can come for life-changing surgeries. At this home, called “Peace House,” children receive attentive care from loving caregivers to help them grow strong enough for surgery and to make a full recovery afterwards.

Xin Xin before her cleft lip and palate surgery.

Today, we would like to introduce you to a special girl, Xin Xin, whose life was changed because of the care she received at Peace House. As you read her story below, please consider helping children like Xin Xin by giving today to the Molly Holt Fund for Children with Special Needs.

Just a little over a year ago, Xin Xin was living in an orphanage in China, waiting to be adopted. Born with a cleft lip and palate (CLP), Xin Xin needed a loving family who could help meet her special needs. Hoping to adopt a child from China, Todd and Julie Samolinski were open to a child with a cleft lip and palate. After Holt presented Xin Xin’s file, the Samolinskis reviewed the information with their doctor and social worker and decided they wanted to become Xin Xin’s parents.

Todd and Julie were then contacted by Holt’s China program staff with a choice – doctors in Beijing could perform the surgery to correct Xin Xin’s CLP, or they could wait until she came home to the U.S. After consulting with their doctor, they decided it would be best for Xin Xin to have surgery in Beijing. “Our doctor said Xin Xin would be in great hands,” Julie says. “Having worked with doctors in Beijing on CLP surgeries, he said the surgery would be very well done.”

So Xin Xin was transferred from her orphanage to Peace House in Beijing, where she stayed while waiting to have surgery. “The staff at Peace House were excellent,” Julie says.” They sent lots of pictures and kept us well informed of Xin Xin’s wellbeing.”

Sharing her impression of the care her daughter received at Peace House, Julie says, “You could tell there was just love. The photos and videos showed Xin Xin, as well as other children, clean and well dressed, enjoying toys in a clean environment.” The caregivers, or “nannies,” took the children on walks and developed a nurturing bond with the children.

Continue reading “When They Could Not Be There…”

Peace House

Every child longs to fit in, to be accepted, to be loved.

But for a child born with a cleft lip, cleft palate, heart abnormality or other serious (but correctable) condition… fitting in can feel impossible.

In many cases, their lives are on the line…

That’s why Holt provides care at Peace House … a very special place where children from all over China can stay while recovering from life-changing, life-saving surgeries.

But today, so many children in China are waiting right now for help… and it costs just $7.83 to provide one of these special boys or girls a day of essential care at Peace House. We really need your help to ensure every child has enough food, medicine, warm bedding and attention from nurturing caregivers every day while they are in care at Peace House.

Your gift of $55 will help provide one week of care for a child. $110 provides two weeks. If you could give a gift of $245 now, you would be providing an entire month of life-changing care to a child.

Won’t you show these precious little ones that your heart is bigger than they can possibly imagine? Big enough to touch the lives of all the boys and girls who will pass through Peace House in the next few months?

Please give generously today to help ensure that every child will receive the care he or she needs to heal, to thrive and to feel fully accepted in life — just as every child longs for and deserves. Click here to go directly to the donation page.

Thank you in advance for your kindness!