Peace House

Every child longs to fit in, to be accepted, to be loved.

But for a child born with a cleft lip, cleft palate, heart abnormality or other serious (but correctable) condition… fitting in can feel impossible.

In many cases, their lives are on the line…

That’s why Holt provides care at Peace House … a very special place where children from all over China can stay while recovering from life-changing, life-saving surgeries.

But today, so many children in China are waiting right now for help… and it costs just $7.83 to provide one of these special boys or girls a day of essential care at Peace House. We really need your help to ensure every child has enough food, medicine, warm bedding and attention from nurturing caregivers every day while they are in care at Peace House.

Your gift of $55 will help provide one week of care for a child. $110 provides two weeks. If you could give a gift of $245 now, you would be providing an entire month of life-changing care to a child.

Won’t you show these precious little ones that your heart is bigger than they can possibly imagine? Big enough to touch the lives of all the boys and girls who will pass through Peace House in the next few months?

Please give generously today to help ensure that every child will receive the care he or she needs to heal, to thrive and to feel fully accepted in life — just as every child longs for and deserves. Click here to go directly to the donation page.

Thank you in advance for your kindness!