SNAF Stories: Bringing Victor Home

A thank you letter from Jim and Elizabeth Occhipinti to the SNAF (Special Needs Adoption Fund) donors who helped fund their adoption.

Dear Contributing Donors,

In 2010, Jim and I welcomed our fourth daughter into our family and believed that our family was complete. We had always wanted a son, but with the birth of our daughter, we made peace with the fact that our lives would be filled with ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’. Then when our youngest was only a few months old, we received an email from the Holt Korea program, aimed to find families who had previously adopted from Korea to consider adopting infant boys with normal neonatal conditions.

We felt God pricking our hearts to consider adopting again, but with our baby so young, we decided to wait and pray about it.

Victor, adopted from Korea, with Jim, his dad.

After feeling that God was once again moving on our hearts to adopt, we decided to move forward and applied to adopt through the Holt Korea program once again. Having adopted our third daughter in 2008, we were still paying off our adoption loan and our options for financing this adoption would be pretty limited. We feared the idea of raising two infants at the same time and wondered how this was going to work? We sought support from friends and family toward our adoption expenses and were able to once again access credit from our adoption loan.

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