Crisis in Haiti; Recovering From Hurricane Matthew

With crops destroyed, homes flooded and care centers damaged, our staff and partners in Haiti face critical and urgent needs to help children and families recover from Hurricane Matthew.

haiti-2013-serious-boy-looking-upLast week, Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti with torrential rain and 145-mile-per-hour winds. For Haitians, the devastation from the storm can’t be overstated — especially those living along the southwest coast, which was hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew. Many people lost their most valuable possessions, such as goats, cows or other farm animals, small fishing boats, nets or crops — robbing them of their livelihood, their income and their ability to care for their children without international assistance. Many Haitian families were already vulnerable before the storm, and Hurricane Matthew has only increased their instability. Continue reading “Crisis in Haiti; Recovering From Hurricane Matthew”

Children and Families in Haiti Need Our Help

haiti-urgent-appealOn October 4, one of the strongest hurricanes in recorded history hit Haiti with torrential rain and 145-mile-per-hour wind. The storm damaged farmland, power lines and houses. Flooding and landslides destroyed businesses, schools and homes. So far, we know that at least seven people have died and over 14,500 have been evacuated from their homes, and these numbers are rising.

All the children and families we serve in Haiti are alive, and we thank God for keeping them safe. The orphanages we support were stocked with extra food and water prior to the storm, and an orphanage staff member even brought children to her own home to keep them safe during the worst of the wind and rain. But their access to future supplies is uncertain, and the families we serve in the surrounding areas are experiencing staggering loss.

They need additional food, water, shelter and other aid as soon as possible.

With your help, we will deliver emergency aid to the children and families in in our care centers and family strengthening projects as soon as we can. We must act quickly to ensure children and families receive the lifesaving supplies they need to endure this difficult time.

We continue to receive updates from our staff and partner organizations and stand ready to offer whatever help we can. We will keep you updated as we learn further information.

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Thank you for your lifesaving support and continued prayers for the people of Haiti.