With You For Life


When you step off the plane and go home together for the first time, your journey as an adoptive family has really just begun. You will have highs. You will have lows. But every step of the way, and no matter what life brings, Holt’s robust post-adoption team will be here to support you, your child and your entire family. Here are just 10 of the post-adoption services we offer for families and adoptees.

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Top 3 Reasons to Attend Empowered to Connect

Erin Merrihew is an adoptive and biological mother to six children in Nebraska. After attending the Empowered to Connect conference last year, she shares the top 3 reasons why any parents or advocates of adopted and fostered children should attend.

Pictured: Two of Erin’s six children.

Number 1: You’ll learn lots of practical, hands-on tips.

I had read “The Connected Child” by Karyn Purvis, but I still couldn’t wrap my mind around the TBRI principles and I still wasn’t convinced this was best for my kids. I have two adopted children, one of which had an unusual 12-month “honeymoon” period where the adjustment to our family and life went swimmingly. After about a year, things started to get incredibly hard and I hit a desperate stage. I knew there was something to “The Connected Child” wisdom, and felt that possibly the problem was in my understanding of it. When I received an email that the ETC would be available in Omaha, I signed up and drove almost five hours hoping to gain some tools to bring back home. Karyn’s lessons were excellent and built on the concepts laid out in her book. The video clips of Karyn and her therapists working with children were an essential part of helping me to see and understand the value of TBRI methods. I didn’t get it until I could see it in action. TBRI is absolutely NOT about letting a child who is throwing a fit get their way. It is, among many things, knowing the need behind the behavior and giving them an appropriate voice to have that need met. Continue reading “Top 3 Reasons to Attend Empowered to Connect”