Running From The Heart: A Chicago Marathon Team Advocates for Holt

Adoption advocate Suzi Gurry shares about the training, dedication and heart behind Holt’s runners in the 2015 Chicago Marathon.


You could say I am somewhat of an inspiration junkie. As an artist, I’m forced to pay closer attention than most to the highs and lows of life to continue a reason to put the paintbrush into the paint and onto the canvas. Like most people, success stories inspire me. I am on a constant search to uncover where inspiration lies and often find myself at the tail end of a success story. With age, I find that I am drawn more and more to the part of a story that comes before the trophy is engraved and before the medal is handed over. For me, the most memorable part of a success story is the beginning and the middle. The influence lies in the struggle and the training, the part where we sweat and cry and push through pain with grit and raw determination. I am highly motivated by the stick-to-it-iveness of ordinary folks reaching for something extraordinary for a profoundly personal reason. Success itself is not an inherently beautiful thing, but the reasons we reach for it and go for it can prove to be utterly captivating. Continue reading “Running From The Heart: A Chicago Marathon Team Advocates for Holt”