Bryson Needs A Family!

Look at those big, brown eyes. Can you see the hope inside of them? It’s there, and it’s holding out for a family.

DOB: 10.17.2006, Africa

Bryson is 7 years old, and fairly new to Holt’s care. We are still getting to know him, so we don’t know a lot about his personality yet. However, a few of Bryson’s traits are easily observed. Every report about Bryson — whether from a doctor, caregiver or teacher — has the same comment: Bryson is very playful.

The word “playful” alone doesn’t mean much. How is he playful? Does he love to giggle at jokes? Does he turn basic activities into a fun game? Is he mischievous? Or, like many children his age, does he still see the magic and wonderment in simple things?

We have a few clues about what “playful” means to Bryson…

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These Brothers Just Want a Stable, Loving Family

Brothers Dylan and Jude are this week’s featured waiting children. Please help them find a loving family!

Dylan*, 11/24/03 and Jude*, 5/20/05

These handsome brothers live at a care center in East Africa, where they are waiting to find a loving family to adopt both of them. I met Dylan, the older of the two, while visiting children in Holt’s care last summer, in July 2012. At the time, his brother was in school.

I remember Dylan as gentle and sweet, with a charming smile and extraordinary hazel-colored eyes that exuded warmth and intelligence. Just a happy, healthy boy, Dylan gave no indication of the hardship he has endured already in his young life. Only later did I learn what brought Dylan and Jude into care, and on the track for adoption.

The brothers came into Holt’s care in May 2012, just a couple months before my visit. Their father is a former policeman whose struggle with alcoholism caused him to lose his job. His wife eventually left him as well, leaving Dylan and Jude without a mother. With little to eat and an unstable home environment, Dylan thought he could do better for himself and his brother. He fled to the streets, where he lived for a couple weeks until finding a local shelter. Jude came to live with him at the shelter, while their father tried to overcome his problems. But the cycle continued, and although the shelter tried to reunite the family, the father said he could not care for them. Wishing for them “to be well-educated and to have a better life,” he relinquished his sons for adoption.

Dylan during our visit in July 2012.

This is how they came to live at one of our partnering care centers – a lovely, well-tended home that cares for just a handful of children at a time.

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