Bryson Needs A Family!

Look at those big, brown eyes. Can you see the hope inside of them? It’s there, and it’s holding out for a family.

DOB: 10.17.2006, Africa

Bryson is 7 years old, and fairly new to Holt’s care. We are still getting to know him, so we don’t know a lot about his personality yet. However, a few of Bryson’s traits are easily observed. Every report about Bryson — whether from a doctor, caregiver or teacher — has the same comment: Bryson is very playful.

The word “playful” alone doesn’t mean much. How is he playful? Does he love to giggle at jokes? Does he turn basic activities into a fun game? Is he mischievous? Or, like many children his age, does he still see the magic and wonderment in simple things?

We have a few clues about what “playful” means to Bryson…

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