Adoption Grants Helped These Four Children Join Loving Families

In 2015 alone, 55 children joined loving families through adoption with the help of a grant from Holt’s Special Needs Adoption Fund. As cost is one of the biggest barriers for families wishing to adopt, this fund is so critical for children with special needs who are waiting to feel the nurturing love and stability of a family. Today, we want to tell you about four beautiful children … all of whom found a second chance at love and family because of the generosity of strangers.



Lucy was just days old when she was found abandoned in China. Born with albinism, Lucy has very little pigment in her skin and may one day need surgery for low vision. For seven years, Lucy waited for a family. Then, finally, the right family came along. Read more here. Continue reading “Adoption Grants Helped These Four Children Join Loving Families”

Conquering Mt. Can’t-Afford-Adoption

A few years ago, Amber Kanallakan and her husband began to feel God prompting them to grow their family through adoption. They felt prepared to parent a child with a limb difference and because China has so many children with this particular special need, they applied to Holt’s China program in August of 2013 after holding a garage sale to cover the cost of Holt’s application fee. Fearing finances may hold them back from adopting, the Kanallakans started hosting fundraisers and ultimately ended up raising the money to cover 100 percent of the cost of their adoption. Amber and her husband travel in March 2015 to bring their son, Oliver, home from China. Here, they reflect on their journey and give advice to other families considering fundraising to cover adoption costs. 


When my husband and I began to seriously consider growing our family through international adoption, there were two giant mountains that quickly overshadowed our conversation.

The first mountain was called “perfect timing.”

When was the “right” time to start the process? Continue reading “Conquering Mt. Can’t-Afford-Adoption”