National Adoption Month 2019: Real Moments, Real Stories

For National Adoption Month, we're asking for your help to show the real moments that capture what it means to adopt, or be adopted.

Every year, we get excited for November because it’s National Adoption Month — a month devoted to advocating for children who are waiting for permanent, loving families, and raising awareness about the continuing need for and issues surrounding adoption!

But it’s not just agencies and organizations that raise awareness about adoption during the month of November. No matter who you are, everyone can help advocate for children who are waiting for families through adoption.

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Act Now to Help Find Families for Children

UPDATE: The deadline for the “Dear Colleague” letter has passed, but we will continue to provide updates on this legislation.  Thank you for being an advocate for children in U.S. foster care, as every child deserves a loving and secure home.

As we work to ensure every child has a loving and secure home, advocacy has remained a cornerstone of Holt’s work. To that end, we regularly support legislation that aims to improve child welfare standards, strengthen the rights of adoptees, and clears the path for more children to join permanent, loving families through adoption in the U.S. and abroad. Together, we can work toward a world where no child is left without a family.

This week, you can join Holt and help advocate for children in U.S. foster care who are waiting for permanent, loving families through adoption.

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The Story Behind the Photo

unknownWithin this photo collage are 218 children. Each one of these children is waiting for a family through adoption. And this is just a small glimpse. At any given time, Holt is seeking families for nearly 1,000 children, most of whom never appear on our online photolisting. This National Adoption Month, join us as we go behind the scenes — using images and photos to raise awareness about the continuing need for adoption, share the diverse voices of adoptees and families, advocate for children and much, much more!

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A Priceless Opportunity to Travel with Holt

In early 2011, Holt introduced a pilot adoption program for older children in the Philippines. Ambassadors — many of them social workers, adoptive parents or staff — traveled to the Philippines to meet a group of older children waiting to be adopted. After getting to know the children, the ambassadors returned to the United States and got to work seeking families for them in their communities. Below, previous Holt ambassador and Holt adoptive mom Kari Bargstadt-Wilson shares about her experience on Holt’s 2012 trip to the Philippines. 

Holt is now recruiting ambassadors from the western U.S. for the 2015 Philippines Ambassador Trip to be held May 3-10, 2015. For more information, contact Danielle Peebles at

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Kari… I’m a physical therapist, mother of six, cook to eight, wife to one and a Holt ambassador to 15 beautiful Filipino teenagers.  In 2012, my husband and I talked about taking a much-needed anniversary trip — for the first time without our children — for our 16th year of marriage.   When our friend asked me if we were interested in Holt’s Philippines Ambassador trip, I never would have guessed that I could talk my husband into it, but I did.  So we packed up and left our six kids in order to vacation for 10 days with 15 teenagers!  My husband would have to admit that it was a life-altering trip.

Kari (right) and a couple of her fellow ambassadors observe kids on the 2012 trip as they work on an art project.
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