Waiting Children

These and other children need adoptive families.

Vincent is a sweet, smiley and easygoing boy from SE Asia.Vincent • 01/16/2006 • SE Asia

This older boy is described as sweet, smiley, easygoing and a bit shy with strangers. He can often be found playing soccer, riding a bicycle, playing hide-and-seek with friends or watching cartoons. He is in good physical health but has some mild cognitive delays. He is good with his hands and says that he wishes to be a builder or driver when he grows up. An adoptive family for this older boy should be knowledgeable about the challenges of older child adoption. Continue reading “Waiting Children”

Raised in a Colombian orphanage: Waiting for adoption, this teen shares her story

Having spent her whole life in a Colombian orphanage and foster homes, 15-year-old Vanessa now wants a family more than anything. She and her 12-year-old sister, Bianca, have limited time left to be adopted.

Adopt older child Colombia
Vanessa, far left, and her sister Bianca, next to her, stand with other kids in Medellin waiting for adoptive families. Vanessa grew up in a Colombian orphanage and foster families, and now she’s hoping for a family will adopt her and her sister.

Vanessa doesn’t remember being taken from her mom. She was 17 months old and too little to develop memories. She’s not even sure why child protective services took her, exactly. No one has ever told her, and her mom has only tried to contact her once — late last year, just a bit before her 15th birthday. Vanessa didn’t end up seeing her.

Vanessa keeps tugging at the hem of her T-shirt, pulling the embroidered, floral fabric layers down flat. She tinkers with the ring on her right middle finger, spinning it around nervously. She smooths her black skinny jeans that tuck into a pair of shiny, black lace-up boots. She pulls her long, brown hair behind her shoulders.

She’s nervous.

She’s never really talked about what it means to grow up in Colombia’s child welfare system — what it means to have bounced from Colombian orphanage to foster home to group home — and to watch her five siblings do the same for their entire lives. No one has ever really asked. Continue reading “Raised in a Colombian orphanage: Waiting for adoption, this teen shares her story”

Help Siblings Find a Home, Together

email5-Top-Art-600x160For children waiting for a permanent, loving family, having “special needs” can mean a lot of different things. Sometimes a child’s special need — the reason Holt struggles to find them the right family — is simply because he or she is part of a sibling set.

Because we are dedicated to keeping brothers and sisters together, these children often wait much longer to be matched with an adoptive family equipped to parent and financially able to support them. But even if they have the resources to provide ongoing care to a sibling group, the right family may still struggle to cover adoption fees for two or three or even five children! Holt’s Special Needs Adoption Fund (SNAF) can help families afford to adopt siblings who are waiting — siblings like Jac and Salina, and Spencer and Leo.















Give a gift to the Special Needs Adoption Fund and help siblings like Jac and Salina and Spencer and Leo come home to the loving, permanent families they deserve.


This Sibling Group of 5 Needs a Family

Think about your siblings, or maybe even your own children. Maybe one is the jokester, sure to bring lots of laughs around the dinner table. Another might be the nurturing oldest child, playing the role of the “second” mom or dad to their younger siblings. Then there’s always the “baby” of the family, supplying cuteness overload as they wrap themselves around everyone else’s fingers.

Brothers and sisters grow up together and are often each other’s playmates, competitors and best friends. Whether a family is comprised of two, four or eight children, each sibling holds his or her own special role and place. Each brother or sister — with their unique personality, humor and quirks — contributes to making your family your family. If anyone were missing, it wouldn’t be the same…

That’s why, when sibling groups are in need of adoptive families, we are dedicated to keeping them together.

We’re currently searching for a loving, permanent family for this sibling set of five from Southeast Asia. While it will take an extra special family to adopt them, we know they will thrive with a family that gives them the love and attention they so desperately need.

Continue reading “This Sibling Group of 5 Needs a Family”