Trevon Needs a Family!

A $3,000 Special Blessing grant is available to help the right family bring Trevon home!

Trevon enjoys going to the swimming pool, watching cartoons and playing with friends! At 9 years old, he has lived at his care center since birth. He’s looking forward to joining his adoptive family one day — and hoping that it will be in the near future.

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Waiting Children

These and other children need adoptive families.

Vincent is a sweet, smiley and easygoing boy from SE Asia.Vincent • 01/16/2006 • SE Asia

This older boy is described as sweet, smiley, easygoing and a bit shy with strangers. He can often be found playing soccer, riding a bicycle, playing hide-and-seek with friends or watching cartoons. He is in good physical health but has some mild cognitive delays. He is good with his hands and says that he wishes to be a builder or driver when he grows up. An adoptive family for this older boy should be knowledgeable about the challenges of older child adoption. Continue reading “Waiting Children”