Milo needs a family

Milo is artistic, sweet and kind, and he has waited many years for a family to call his own. Next spring, Milo will age out of eligibility for adoption from China! Please share his story to help find his family now!

Two weeks ago, Holt’s director of China programs Beth Smith traveled to Nanjing Municipal Welfare Institute to meet children who need additional advocacy to find permanent, loving families. One young man stood out immediately. Although he has lived with a foster family in China since he was 5, this now 13-year-old boy recently moved to a government-run orphanage so he could attend a school more tailored to his needs. Milo has an outer ear deformity and near total hearing loss, so during his meeting with Beth he read her lips and spoke quietly in response to her questions. After the meeting, Beth saw Milo crying with his foster mother, who had come for a visit. Soon, Milo’s foster mother was in front of Beth with her foster son by her side. The foster mother explained to Beth that Milo was crying because he didn’t feel like he had done a good job presenting himself to Beth. Of course, talking with Beth isn’t a test, but Beth was touched by Milo’s sensitive response and wanted to help him feel better. Beth asked Milo what he wanted to do, and she was shocked when he said he wanted to sketch a picture for her — of her. Beth sat down, and watched as Milo completed a sketched portrait of her.

“I left our meeting feeling very strongly that there is a family out there for Milo,” Beth says. Continue reading “Milo needs a family”