Food in a Time of Crisis

When all seemed lost, Holt donors provided the food families in India needed to survive. 

Several months ago, terrible rains fell in southern India. Entire villages flooded, and thousands of children and families were suddenly in crisis. But perhaps some of the most affected were the migrant families… 

In southern India, Holt donors help support families that have recently migrated from their villages in the countryside to the big city of Bengaluru in the south. Many of these families don’t even have their basic needs met while they look for work in the city, and try to build a new life. 

But when the floods came, everything got even worse. They didn’t have much to begin with, but now they had nothing. 

More than anything, these children and families needed food to get through the first days of the crisis. 

And right when they needed it, Holt donors stepped up to help — providing emergency food to 250 families in greatest need. 


You helped send warm lentil curry, vegetables and hard-boiled eggs especially for the children — vital protein to fill their bellies and help keep them from getting sick. 

Thank you for helping families in their time of greatest need. When all seems dark, your generosity is a warm light. 

A $75 gift of Crisis Response Food and Water will give children and families lifesaving essentials when they need it most. 

Clean Hands, Virus-Free Kids!

Holt donors gave 1,584 pieces of soap to students in Cambodia!

Hand-washing has been more important than ever this year. A simple bar of soap and clean water were some of the most important tools for keeping communities safe during the pandemic.

But for children and families in poverty, it’s not that simple. Soap was more expensive than ever because of high demand, and many communities don’t have clean water to spare for washing hands. Continue reading “Clean Hands, Virus-Free Kids!”

How a Lemonade Stand Provided Bikes to Three Kids

lemonade stand to give a bikeWhen siblings AnneDee, Jett and Hiro had a lemonade stand this summer in Oregon, they decided to use their earnings to give a bike as a Gift of Hope to a child in need. But they never knew just how successful they’d be!

This past summer, 4-year-old Jett rode a bike for the first time. She pushed off with her feet on the street outside of her house in Oregon, balanced on the seat, and began pedaling. And that was it! She could ride a bike!

Her older sister, AnneDee, was so happy and proud that she cried.

Riding a bike is a big deal — a childhood milestone. But it’s an opportunity that so many children around the world don’t have. And in many places, riding a bike is more than just a fun way to play and get exercise — it’s a safety issue.


Especially in rural areas, and especially for girls, getting to and from school can be dangerous. Many girls walk miles and miles to get to school. It takes a long time, and can leave them vulnerable to predators.

Continue reading “How a Lemonade Stand Provided Bikes to Three Kids”

Project Gifts of Hope

Through Holt’s Gifts of Hope catalog, English professor and adoptee Tara Robbins Fee helps her students think critically about — and find solutions to — the problems affecting our world.  

Tara with her family.
Tara with her husband and children.

I am a professor of English, wife and mom, and Holt adoptee. I spent my childhood in rural South Jersey, reading Nancy Drew mysteries and Little House books and happily running around in the woods behind the house my parents built. Growing up, I rarely thought about the five months I spent in Korea before the day I arrived at JFK airport in New York City, the day depicted in our family photos, where my mother reaches out to hold me for the first time. That was the moment that I understood as my family origin story. Continue reading “Project Gifts of Hope”