School Lunch Takes Away Hunger at Yesus Mena!

school lunch helps hunger at yesus mena

Children attending a special school for the deaf in Ethiopia were showing up, full of hunger, at Yesus Mena each day. But thanks to sponsors and donors like you, they aren’t hungry anymore!

In rural Ethiopia, students at the Yesus Mena School for the Deaf travel incredibly long distances to get to school each day.

And they’d always show up, full of hunger, at Yesus Mena.

Many of their families are subsistence farmers, and can’t provide regular meals for their children. Students would walk miles each direction to get to this special school, but once they got there they were too hungry to concentrate — distracted by hunger pains. But not anymore!

Because of your generosity, 680 students at Yesus Mena now receive free school lunch every day!

Every day, you help provide a lunch of stewed vegetables and meat, rice, spongy injera and more! This filling, delicious meal keeps them attentive, and is just the fuel they need to learn to their fullest potential!

Thank you for helping fight hunger at Yesus Mena School for the Deaf!

Want to help provide a filling and delicious lunch for children like the students of Yesus Mena? Just $25 provides a school lunch to one child for a whole month.

Thank You for Helping Duy Grow and Thrive!

duy eating food thank you for helping duy grow and thrive

Duy was suffering from malnutrition and needed help. But thanks to generous donors like you, Duy can grow and thrive!

Before, Duy and his older sister were left at an orphanage in Vietnam when their mother couldn’t afford to feed them anymore. He was sick with a chronically upset stomach, swollen legs, a constant stuffy nose and ear infections.

And it was all rooted in one thing: malnutrition.

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Because of You, Jovan Never Misses a Meal!

Critically malnourished and always tired, Jovan’s health was suffering. He needed help.

Pale and skinny, Jovan’s health was so poor, he didn’t even have enough energy to help around the house. He had terrible, debilitating stomach pains. He couldn’t gain weight even though his family gave him whatever extra food they had — which wasn’t very much.

Jovan is one of seven children. Both of his parents work, but they don’t make enough to support a family of nine. While none of them had enough to eat, Jovan’s health was worst of all…

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A Looming Hunger Crisis Among School Children Due to COVID-19

Holt’s nutrition program director shares why COVID-19 is increasing hunger among school-age children around the world. 

When COVID-19 became a global pandemic, hunger was already present in many of the communities where Holt works. For many children, it was common for them to miss meals or go days without food.

In almost all of the countries where Holt works, sponsors and donors support children to go to school and for those schools to provide a balanced and nutritious meal for every child. For many of the children in Holt programs, this was their one nutritious meal of the day.

But then COVID-19 hit, closing schools across the globe. What was already a big problem has now became a crisis. Continue reading “A Looming Hunger Crisis Among School Children Due to COVID-19”

A Malnutrition Transformation for Children in Ethiopia

In response to a hunger and malnutrition crisis, Holt began emergency nutrition assessments and interventions across rural Ethiopia.  Over 5,790 children were acutely malnourished. But thanks to generous Holt donors who provided nutrition intervention, education and treatment, children are surviving — and their health has transformed! 

Fully garbed in protective gear, Holt’s team of community health workers went village to village, hut to hut, in rural Ethiopia — looking for children who were malnourished.

Months into the pandemic, children needed help. Families had wisely stayed home for many months to protect themselves from the virus, but this also meant children missed their regular health checkups, vaccinations and nutrition screenings. And children were in danger.

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How the Pandemic Caused a Malnutrition Crisis in Ethiopia

EthiopiaHolt’s nutrition program director, Emily DeLacey, shares about the current malnutrition crisis in Ethiopia, and how Holt staff and donors are helping to identify, feed and treat children.

While it’s never easy serving the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations, this is just the nature of going the distance to best serve children and families in need. And this is what Holt staff around the world and generous Holt donors do every day. In rural Ethiopia, this means faithfully serving thousands of single mother-headed households and children who have been orphaned.

But now, during this time of COVID, our challenges in Ethiopia have multiplied…

And our biggest concern for the children is malnutrition.

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The Biggest, Tiniest Threat to Children

In impoverished places around the world, one of the biggest threats to children is also one of the tiniest: intestinal parasites.

Kissa is almost always sick. Her stomach has sharp pains, it rumbles loudly, and she’s too small for her age — despite eating and eating, and always asking for more food…

In rural Uganda, where Kissa lives, most other children suffer from the same thing. Including her older sister, Nafuna.

Some children get this mystery illness so early that they never seem to catch up in height to other healthy children their age. They walk late, talk late and don’t do well in school. Some children get so thin and malnourished that they don’t survive.

Kissa, just 5 years old, needs deworming medication to treat her intestinal parasites.

Kissa and Nafuna’s mother is afraid for her two girls. She feeds them, makes sure they are hydrated and does everything she can, but nothing seems to help. She doesn’t know what else to do…

But, thanks to Holt’s program in her community, she finally knows what’s wrong: intestinal parasites. Continue reading “The Biggest, Tiniest Threat to Children”

Food in a Time of Crisis

When all seemed lost, Holt donors provided the food families in India needed to survive. 

Several months ago, terrible rains fell in southern India. Entire villages flooded, and thousands of children and families were suddenly in crisis. But perhaps some of the most affected were the migrant families… 

In southern India, Holt donors help support families that have recently migrated from their villages in the countryside to the big city of Bengaluru in the south. Many of these families don’t even have their basic needs met while they look for work in the city, and try to build a new life. 

But when the floods came, everything got even worse. They didn’t have much to begin with, but now they had nothing. 

More than anything, these children and families needed food to get through the first days of the crisis. 

And right when they needed it, Holt donors stepped up to help — providing emergency food to 250 families in greatest need. 


You helped send warm lentil curry, vegetables and hard-boiled eggs especially for the children — vital protein to fill their bellies and help keep them from getting sick. 

Thank you for helping families in their time of greatest need. When all seems dark, your generosity is a warm light. 

A $75 gift of Crisis Response Food and Water will give children and families lifesaving essentials when they need it most.