A Malnutrition Transformation for Children in Ethiopia

In response to a hunger and malnutrition crisis, Holt began emergency nutrition assessments and interventions across rural Ethiopia.  Over 5,790 children were acutely malnourished. But thanks to generous Holt donors who provided nutrition intervention, education and treatment, children are surviving — and their health has transformed! 

Fully garbed in protective gear, Holt’s team of community health workers went village to village, hut to hut, in rural Ethiopia — looking for children who were malnourished.

Months into the pandemic, children needed help. Families had wisely stayed home for many months to protect themselves from the virus, but this also meant children missed their regular health checkups, vaccinations and nutrition screenings. And children were in danger.

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Caring for Children With HIV in China

In China, children living with HIV face intense stigma and discrimination. But through the kindness and generosity of Holt donors, they find love, care and compassion in Holt’s HIV group homes. This story originally appeared in Holt’s fall 2017 sponsorship magazine

A little girl at the HIV group home looks out the front door to a sunny courtyard.

Most of the children here don’t know they are HIV+. It’s too risky.

Their teachers don’t know. Their neighbors definitely don’t know because if they did, they would have to move again. They’ve moved eight times in ten years, all 28 children. If their teachers knew, they would be isolated and discriminated against or even kicked out of their pricey private school — a school they attend because they don’t have to inform the principal of their disease.

Most of these children don’t even know about the disease in their blood — the disease that killed many of their parents, robbed them of their life in their villages and that was likely passed to them at birth.

They just know that they have strict rules to follow.

Absolutely no fighting. No rough housing. If they get a cut or a scratch, they have their own first aid kit. And they have Mr. Huang.

“The kids are happy now,” Mr. Huang says, his face worn and tired, his spiky, graying hair hinting at his age.

When children pass through the living room of the apartment, they stop to grab his hands or talk to him and his eyes soften as he greets them lovingly.

“They are too young,” Mr. Huang says. “They don’t understand their fate. But as they get older, they will learn. The discrimination will start. They will always have to keep their secret.”

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Medical Care, and a Healthier Home, for One Child in China

How Holt donors like you helped provide medical care and a safer, healthier home for one child and her family in China. 

Thao (center) with her family after Holt donors and Holt staff in China helped them overcome their challenges.
Thao (center) with her family after Holt donors and Holt staff in China helped them overcome their challenges.

When Holt staff in China first visited Tao’s family, their house was a mess. There were food wrappers everywhere, chipping paint, and the floor looked like it hadn’t been swept in months.

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Thanks to the Good-Hearted People

Li is recovering from home, and loves his stuffed ox!

Li and Wen never thought their hearts would be strong enough to run, play or even stay in school. But thanks to generous Holt donors, they both received the lifesaving heart surgeries they’d never dared to hope for. 

When the phone rang at 10-year-old Li’s home in rural China. It was a phone call he and his aunt never thought they’d receive…

“Is it true I can receive a free surgery?!” Li asked his aunt unbelievably.

“Yes,” his aunt answered, “there are many good-hearted people helping us.”

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The Biggest, Tiniest Threat to Children

In impoverished places around the world, one of the biggest threats to children is also one of the tiniest: intestinal parasites.

Kissa is almost always sick. Her stomach has sharp pains, it rumbles loudly, and she’s too small for her age — despite eating and eating, and always asking for more food…

In rural Uganda, where Kissa lives, most other children suffer from the same thing. Including her older sister, Nafuna.

Some children get this mystery illness so early that they never seem to catch up in height to other healthy children their age. They walk late, talk late and don’t do well in school. Some children get so thin and malnourished that they don’t survive.

Kissa, just 5 years old, needs deworming medication to treat her intestinal parasites.

Kissa and Nafuna’s mother is afraid for her two girls. She feeds them, makes sure they are hydrated and does everything she can, but nothing seems to help. She doesn’t know what else to do…

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2020 Year-End Top Priority: Malnutrition in Ethiopia

Liya is malnourished and needs food and medical care.

Liya* is hungry. But she’s more than just hungry – she’s wasting away. She needs consistent food now. She may not make it much longer. Liya’s parents didn’t have enough food for her. And this caused her to get sick. Which caused her to become more and more malnourished. It’s a vicious cycle. She needs emergency food and medical care.

Liya is just one of thousands of young children in Ethiopia who is malnourished and needs help.

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