Story Behind The Photo: No, That One’s Mine!

When we ask sisters Mew and Nan if they’ve kept any of the letters they’ve received from their sponsors over the years, their mom already has them on hand. She gives a small stack of letters to each of her girls.

“No, that one’s mine!” Nan says to her sister, excitedly exchanging her stack of letters with Mew’s.

Mick, their social worker, laughs. “They know exactly which one is their sponsor!” she says.

Among the letters are birthday and Christmas cards, as well as well wishes for back-to-school season. The girls proceed to show us their stuffed animals and ride a small tricycle that they keep near the back door of their kitchen — toys they received because of the support of their sponsors.

In addition to providing these fun things, their sponsors are the ones who make it possible for Mew and Nan to go to school.

This is an excerpt from a longer story that appeared in Holt’s fall 2017 sponsorship magazine. Read it here!

Thoughts on Racism From an Asian American Adoptee Parent

Adoptee Kit Myers shares how his life experience as an Asian American shapes how he plans to parent his daughter.  This piece was originally posted in 2015 alongside reflections on race and parenting from two other Asian American adoptee parents. 

Dr. Kit Myers with his daughter.

My biological daughter is 16 months old. She is half Chinese, half Hmong, and I’m hyper-aware of how outwardly friendly new people are to her. I think this parallels the experience of many adoptees. Continue reading “Thoughts on Racism From an Asian American Adoptee Parent”

A Sponsor Story That Began in Korea, 1954

A command radio and radar repairman for the U.S. Air Force, Clare Graham was just 20 years old when he found himself stationed near Seoul during the last year of the Korean War. On his rare days off, Clare and his buddies would sometimes drive the 30 miles into Seoul to find ice cream — a nearly unheard-of treat in Korea in 1954. But one day in April, he decided to stay close to base. He headed out for a walk, and it became a walk he’d never forget. Continue reading “A Sponsor Story That Began in Korea, 1954”

In Vietnam, Sponsors Send Kids With Special Needs to School

For generations of children with special needs in Vietnam, school has been something only other children get to do. But now, in one rural community, over one hundred sponsored children are shattering stereotypes, exceeding expectations — and loving every minute of it.

A longer version of this story originally appeared in the spring 2018 Holt sponsorship magazine.

Khang swivels his head and shakes his body to the pop-y, upbeat dance tempo that reverberates off the tile floor and blares out into otherwise quiet fields of rice on this cool January day. He opens his mouth wide and snaps it shut in a toothy grin, reaching out for a friend who dances alongside him. Continue reading “In Vietnam, Sponsors Send Kids With Special Needs to School”

2020 in Photos: Your Impact in the Philippines

In 2020, the generous and heartfelt gifts of Holt sponsors and donors like you helped children and families across Holt programs like never before. Continue reading “2020 in Photos: Your Impact in the Philippines”

A New Uniform and Shoes Kept Chanrea Safe and in School

When Chanrea’s father died, her mom wasn’t sure she could keep her daughter in school.

Chanrea needed books and supplies, a backpack, a uniform and shoes. But her mom earned very little working in a garment factory in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She couldn’t afford to support Chanrea and her other three children on her own.

The extra costs to send Chanrea to school were just too much! Thankfully, a local Holt social worker heard about Chanrea and saw that she was at risk of dropping out of school. And through the generosity and compassion of Holt donors, Chanrea received everything she needed to continue her education. Continue reading “A New Uniform and Shoes Kept Chanrea Safe and in School”

Story Behind The Photo: Holt Child Sponsorship in Uganda

We met Veronica on a trip to Uganda in June 2016. She lives in a rural village about 35 km outside of Kampala, where Holt sponsors and donors support vulnerable children and their families.

After a day of visiting families, we met this extraordinary woman, who at 69 is caring for ten grandchildren. Inside her small sitting room, Veronica perched on the edge of a chair with her grandchildren sitting on the floor behind her — filling every inch of remaining space. Ten beautiful pairs of eyes peered at us as we listened to Veronica share her story and explain what motivates her to continue working well into her old age to provide for her many grandchildren.

“First, I get my motivation from God, Jesus Christ,” she said in Luganda. “And because I have sponsors who have come to support us, it gives me the motivation to continue looking after them.”


No one on our team can remember what we said that made Veronica laugh so boisterously, but her face lit up in the most beautiful way — creating a moment we will never forget.

Warm Winter Coats to Children in China

Because of generous Holt donors, kids in China will be cozy all season.

China’s cold winters can feel even colder for children living in poverty. Many families don’t have heaters to warm their homes. And few can afford anything but cheap cotton coats for their kids to wear all season.

But this winter, children in Holt’s programs in China will stay warm and cozy, bundled up in heavy down coats that Holt donors generously provided through their heartfelt giving!

Continue reading “Warm Winter Coats to Children in China”