Rudy Needs a Family!

Rudy is a curious, sweet and strong boy who loves to explore the world around him. He needs a permanent family that will give him the love and care he deserves.

Due to a condition called retinoblastoma, he is blind in both of his eyes. At 3 years old, Rudy has already received two surgeries to help with his condition. He also wears an ocular prosthesis when he goes to sleep.

Even without sight, Rudy loves to play outside, spend time with others and play with toys! His favorite toys produce music or sound. Rudy also moves around freely in his environment.

The best fit for Rudy is a loving family that is committed to helping him thrive. His family should also have access to excellent medical and educational resources.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Rudy? Please contact Alycia Fahr-Zarlons at or view his photolisting profile for more information.

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In Memory Of Molly Holt

It is with profound sadness that we share the heartbreaking news that Molly Holt, daughter of Holt founders Harry and Bertha Holt, passed away early in the morning on May 17 in Korea. She was 83 years old. 

In South Korea, Molly was known by many names, from the Mother Teresa of Korea to the Mother of all Korea’s Orphans. Although she devoted her life to caring and advocating for children and adults with medical, developmental and physical needs in Korea, she leaves a legacy that is felt around the world. Continue reading “In Memory Of Molly Holt”

Children in China Need Families Now!

The beautiful children in the photos below have been matched with loving adoptive families!  But many children are still waiting.


Did you know that children just like the ones below still need families through Holt’s China program?  They are in China right now, waiting. And we currently don’t have enough families to match them with!  In fact, our list of families has dropped to under 40!  If you have taken the first steps in your adoption journey, or even if you are still only considering adoption, you could be matched with a child soon through Holt’s China program.  

Children currently in need of families are both boys and girls with a wide range of medical conditions, ages 2-13 on arrival.  More than half of all placements for 2019 so far have included children matched between ages 1-4! The reality, however, is that many children ages 5-13 also wait for families.

Examples of conditions that may be considered moderate/manageable include: prematurity, developmental delays (speech, motor), ear atresia, anal atresia, albinism, syphilis (treated), cleft lip and palate, orthopedic/limb malformations, and heart conditions like ASD, VSD and PFO.

Examples of more involved conditions or those requiring ongoing care after arrival include: epilepsy or history of seizures, thalassemia,  vision or hearing loss, cognitive delays, incontinence, CT abnormalities, or heart conditions such as tetralogy of fallot (TOF), PDA and dextrocardia. Central nervous system conditions like cerebral palsy and spina bifida would also fall into this category.

Families who are willing to accept either gender, a wide range of medical conditions and a wider age range will be matched sooner.  (We no longer accept applicants who are only open to females, 0-2, with minor/correctable conditions.)

We don’t have enough families for the children who are waiting right now!  So if you have ever considered adopting through Holt’s China program, the time is now!

This sweet 1-and-a-half year old has been diagnosed with PDA, a heart condition. It took a year and a half for his family to be matched with him.


This sweet 2-year-old was born premature. Her family was matched with her in 21 months.
This 2-year-old sweetheart has Thalassemia. She was matched with a family in 9 months.
This 1-year-old cutie has been diagnosed with albinism. Individuals with albinism are born without the usual amount of skin pigment, which often creates very pale skin, hair and eyes. She was matched with her family in 1 month.
This sweet 3-year-old’s cleft lip and palate was corrected after a successful surgery in China. She was matched with her family in 18 months.
This sweet 1-year old girl was matched in 6 months, and has been diagnosed with congenital adrenal cortical hyperplasia.

This sweet 1-year-old boy was matched in less than a month, and has been diagnosed with cleft lip/palate, anal atresia (post operative) and a congenital heart condition.

This sweet little girl has been diagnosed with developmental delays. Her family waited 5 months to be matched with her.
This sweet 2-year-old has post-operative congenital heart disease. He was matched with his family in 2 months.
This 3-and-a-half year old cutie pie has developmental delays. It took 1 month for his family to be matched with him.

Look at the photos above once more.  These children have their families, but there are so many more children waiting in China right now who don’t.  In the past two decades, adoptions through China have seen many changes — including more domestic adoptions, changes in child profile and orphanage closures — but what has remained constant is Holt’s dedication to walking side by side with families every step of the way until they have their beautiful child in their arms.

As one of the largest and oldest international adoption agencies, we have the expertise and resources, and an amazing and experienced staff — both here and in China — to make sure that the journey to the child who is waiting for you is as smooth as possible.  We will never pressure you into accepting a child whose special needs are more than you can manage, and we will work tirelessly to make sure that you are comfortable and happy throughout the entire process.

Children in China need loving homes, and we need loving families for them!  

Please reach out to our China program today to learn more about the children in China who are waiting for families right now!


Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan to Transfer Private Domestic Adoption Program to Holt International

Holt International Children’s Services and Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (LSS) announced today that LSS will transfer its private domestic adoption program to Holt International.

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (May 16, 2019) – Holt International Children’s Services and Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (LSS) announced today that LSS will transfer its private domestic adoption program to Holt International. The transition of the program will be complete by June 3, 2019.

Approximately 60 families awaiting adoption will have the option to transfer their cases to Holt International. Holt has been expanding its presence in Wisconsin and has recently established a license in the state. To ensure a smooth transition, some members of the LSS adoption team will join the Holt team.

While Holt is best known for their pioneering work in international adoption and child welfare services, Holt also has a long history of helping to find loving, permanent families for children in the U.S. through domestic foster care and infant adoption. Families transferring from LSS will work with Holt’s Illinois/Wisconsin branch office located in Bolingbrook, Illinois, where Holt began providing domestic adoption services in 2014.

“For more than 60 years, Holt International has been helping to build families through adoption. We are very excited to be adding the LSS domestic adoption program to our existing programs and look forward to helping even more children and families,” said Amy Trotter, director of Holt’s Illinois/Wisconsin branch. “We look forward to meeting with the families to assist them on the path toward creating their forever families.”

LSS will continue to provide adoption services in the state of Wisconsin through public adoption. LSS works in partnership with the State of Wisconsin to place children from the foster care system into loving adoptive homes.

“LSS has made a difference in the lives of so many families through adoption. While this is a difficult decision, we are pleased that the program will continue with Holt International, which is internationally known for its adoption programs,” said Héctor Colón, president and CEO of LSS. “Holt International shares our values of compassion and courage. We know the families awaiting adoption will be served well throughout this transition.”

About Holt International

Holt International seeks a world where every child has a loving and secure home. Since our founding in 1956, we have worked toward our vision through programs that strengthen and preserve families that are at risk of separation; by providing critical care and support to orphaned and vulnerable children; and by leading the global community in finding families for children who need them and providing the pre- and post-adoption support and resources they need to thrive. Always, we focus on each child’s unique needs — keeping the child’s best interest at the forefront of every decision. To learn more, visit

About Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, Inc.

Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan strives to build healthy communities filled with people using their God-given gifts to serve. For more than 100 years, this has been our goal. At LSS we value compassion, co-creation, change and courage, instilling these core values in every community and residential program we offer. We believe in the infinite worth of every individual and because of this, we are committed to the growth and empowerment of others. To learn more about how LSS acts compassionately, serves humbly and leads courageously, visit

For more information, please email Sydney Hofer at, or call her at (414)635-7009.

George Dennehy Headlining at Holt

Musician George Dennehy will headline Holt’s upcoming dinner & auction in Eugene on June 6, 2019, Portland on September 28, 2019 and Seattle on November 16, 2019. Born without arms to a family living in poverty in Romania, George barely survived his life in an orphanage before a family came forward to adopt him. Today, George tours the country advocating for children growing up orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable — to show how sponsorship can save the lives of children like him.

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Mina Needs a Family!

Mina is a creative, talkative and playful 9-year-old. She loves to paint and listen to music, but she also enjoys telling stories!

When she first came into care, Mina was timid and shy. But it wasn’t long until she started feeling comfortable and interacting with her peers. New people tend to make her feel cautious, but once she gets to know someone, she loves to be around them. She can also easily express herself and her feelings.

At school, Mina is one of the top students in her class! She is quick learner, and she always loves to help her peers whenever she can.

Mina has ear deformities, as well as other delays. But Mina’s fine motor skills have developed quickly during her time in care .

The best fit for Mina is a loving, permanent family that has a good understanding of older child adoption, as well as the resources, care and love she’ll need.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Mina? Please contact Alycia Fahr-Zarlons at or view her photolisting profile for more information.

Top 10 Myths About Adopting From the Philippines

If you or someone you know has been considering adoption from the Philippines, you may have heard some common misconceptions about the adoption process. Below, we highlight the top 10 myths about adopting a child from the Philippines, and provide some useful insight as you consider this program!

Myth #1: There isn’t much information available about children waiting to be adopted from the Philippines.

Fact: Holt receives very detailed family background, behavioral, developmental and social information about children waiting to be adopted from the Philippines.

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In Every Moment, You’re There

A few years ago, Mary Luz thought she might have to make the heartbreaking decision to leave her children in someone else’s care. But then she discovered a Holt donor-supported program in her community. And now, in every moment, she’s there.

At home, in a special place, Mary Luz keeps a collection of cards. Each card has a message inside, written in crayon or colored pen.

“Mama, I want to tell you that you’re the best, and in every moment and place, you’re there,” reads one message written by her daughter, Camilla. “You’re my right hand. You’re my light. You’re my joy, my sadness, my company, my everything. With Love, Camilla.”

Inside another hand-cut in the shape of a heart, the message reads, “On this day, I want to tell you that I love you. And I love you with a lot of love.” This card came from both her children, 5-year-old David and 9-year-old Camilla.

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What Love and a Family Can Do

Just over two years ago, Liz Larson traveled to China to meet and bring home 2-and-a-half-year-old Ellia. A child and family counselor, Liz felt confident and well-equipped, although a bit anxious, to begin the journey of bonding and healing with her daughter.

Today, Ellia is thriving in her mom’s care. In just two years, Ellia has grown from a shy and quiet 2-year-old to an energetic, outgoing, silly 4-year-old who is secure and so loved. Liz says adopting as a single parent is “the hardest thing she has ever done on purpose,” but also the greatest gift.

Liz encourages all hopeful parents — whether married or single — to consider adoption.