Holt Helps Open a New Daycare Facility in Vietnam

In 2014, Holt helped to build a daycare center for children with special needs in Vietnam. The facility, which opened earlier this year, currently supports 3 children and hopes to soon provide services to more children and families in the area.


Since 2010, Holt International has helped to run a respite daycare facility for children with special needs in Binh Duong, a province in Vietnam north of Ho Chi Minh City. While the need for daycare services is great in this area, the facility has only been able to serve 4 or 5 children each year. After an assessment was completed to identify the cause for the low attendance, it was determined that many impoverished families in the area found the distance to the daycare to be too great. Many families also faced the extra challenge of trying to travel with children whose disabilities were too severe to make the journey to the daycare.

After the assessment, Holt International saw the need and decided to help Binh Doung orphanage build one more small facility located on an empty space of land at the Binh Duong Social Protection Center. “The goal is to help provide more service location options to serve children in need and their families,” Hang Dam, country director of Holt Vietnam, says. Continue reading “Holt Helps Open a New Daycare Facility in Vietnam”

The Single Best Decision

As options expand for single applicants hoping to adopt internationally, one single mom shares her story of opening her heart and home to a son from China.


“You know what, Mom?”

“What Timothy…”


“I love you, too.”

This is a game my son and I play almost every day. And those are words that I thought I would never hear. I am single and in my 40’s, but ever since I could remember I had always wanted to be a mom. I was confused as to why God would place such a longing in my heart, but not have me married and having children. Then, a few years ago, God turned my heart toward adoption. At first I rebelled. Was I out of my mind? Being single and a busy career woman, I had my hands full managing my job, my home, volunteer work and a personal life. And, to be honest, I was a little selfish about giving it up. How in the world did I think I would be able to add a child to this…all by myself.

But once the seed of possibility was planted, the longing only got stronger. I talked with my pastor, my closest friends, my family (all of them live out of town), and carefully surveyed my support systems. As it turns out, I have several friends in my church family who have adopted, so I talked to them. Then, I took the plunge and called Holt International.

Fifteen months, a completed home study and a dossier later, I was traveling to China with my aunt to meet my 2-year-old son, Timothy, and bring him home. The trip to get my son was a wonderful experience and well supported by Holt staff. But the real adventures began when we arrived home.


My aunt stayed for a few days to help with my adjustment to motherhood, but she was tired and jet-lagged, too, and really needed to get back to her life. I could not have survived those initial weeks had it not been for the support of my closest friends and my church family. Before I went to China, they had arranged a ‘baby shower’ that included not just the usual gifts for a small child, but an organizational chart of meals, errand runners, diaper bringers and prayer support for the first several months after our return. My friends, respecting our initial need for bonding time, stood at the ready to provide the emotional support and encouragement that I needed to begin my motherhood experience. They would send emails, call, drop by briefly with a meal or help me recover from a meltdown. And, when we ventured out to a park, they would meet us there to play ‘separately, together.’ Continue reading “The Single Best Decision”

More Adoption Options Open to Singles

p199i49latuhc1fnq1l6a1mu8gbt3Did you know that Holt has three adoption programs open to single female applicants? More and more mothers are beginning their adoption journey solo — and more and more children are thriving in the loving care of their adoptive moms! As a greater number of boys need families, many single moms are also opening their heart to a son.

Since 2011, when China re-opened adoptions to single applicants, we have seen a steady increase in the number of women adopting a child on their own.

Then last year, options for single applicants expanded once again when Vietnam re-opened international adoption to the U.S. and selected Holt as one of two placing agencies. Now, single female applicants open to a child with more involved special needs can adopt from Vietnam!

Although not every single mother is equipped to care for a child with involved needs, many would make excellent parents to a child with more minor needs… Recently, China expanded options for single applicants yet again by lifting the special focus requirement. This means that Holt’s China program now matches single mothers with children who are younger or have more minor or moderate special medical needs. Continue reading “More Adoption Options Open to Singles”