Holt International Now Licensed to Provide Direct Adoption Services in New York State

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Eugene, Oregon, November 10, 2020 — After an 18-month approval process, Holt International is now authorized to provide homestudy and post-placement services to adoptive families in the state of New York. While Holt facilitates adoptions for families in all 50 states, until now, Holt had to rely on coordinating provider agencies to complete the homestudy and post-placement portion of the adoption process for New York-resident families who were adopting a child through Holt. Continue reading “Holt International Now Licensed to Provide Direct Adoption Services in New York State”

5 things to know about Holt’s China Program!

China Adoption

So many adoption agencies find loving homes for children from China, it can be hard to know what agency is the best fit for your family! To help you decide, here are five key facts about Holt’s China adoption program:

1. One of the first agencies to find families for children from China, Holt has a longstanding relationship with the Chinese government and we have 25+ staff members in China. Holt is one of two agencies with NGO status in China, which allows our dedicated in-country staff members to follow up directly with the children’s caregivers for updated information. Continue reading “5 things to know about Holt’s China Program!”

Top 10 Myths About Adopting From the Philippines

If you or someone you know has been considering adoption from the Philippines, you may have heard some common misconceptions about the adoption process. Below, we highlight the top 10 myths about adopting a child from the Philippines, and provide some useful insight as you consider this program!

Myth #1: There isn’t much information available about children waiting to be adopted from the Philippines.

Fact: Holt receives very detailed family background, behavioral, developmental and social information about children waiting to be adopted from the Philippines.

Continue reading “Top 10 Myths About Adopting From the Philippines”

What’s Special About Colombia Adoption?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Colombia?

Is it Pablo Escobar or the drug cartels? If so, you aren’t alone. Colombia is a country with a brutal history. But there’s another side to Colombia — a side that is passionate, resilient and full of kids who embody these traits, and who are waiting for permanent, loving families to call their own.

Have you considered adoption from Colombia?

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What makes a family right for older child adoption?

What makes a family the right family for an older adopted child — meaning a child who will arrive home at 5 years or older? Two adoption experts weigh in on the characteristics they look for in families for older children …

Abbie Smith is a licensed clinical social worker whose specialty is working with adoptees and adoptive families. She has been working with adopted and fostered children and their families for 27 years. She is also the mother of a now 27-year-old whom she adopted at age 7.

  • Flexibility is the number one characteristic I look for in a parent who would be successful parenting an older child. Parents of older children need to loosen up so they can bend and flow with whatever comes their way. They may also need to be able to stretch to keep their nose above water.
  • I look for parents who can laugh at themselves and whatever life brings. In international adoption, bringing an older child into your family who speaks a different language, has a different religion, looks different, and doesn’t know how to use a fork and knife or a western toilet can provide some unique experiences. All of this will go down much easier with a hearty dose of laughter.
  • Mindfulness is the ability to think about your feelings as you are feeling them. It’s also the ability to stay present and think about how to respond to your terrified, but belligerent, child — and not just simply react.
  • Parents of older kids need to have a willingness to try new things — some of which you never thought you would do. This might be giving piggy back rides to your 14-year-old, singing lullabies to your 16-year-old or spoon feeding your 10-year-old. This might also look like celebrating his first English word, first bite of pizza, first time touching snow or first day of school.
  • Creativity! Parents of older adopted kids need to use different parenting approaches with each of their kids. One size does not fit all! Try a lot of different approaches with each of your kids and note who responds to what. Don’t get complacent though! What works on Monday may be a disaster on Tuesday.
  • Adoptive parents need to be good at relay races, or at least knowing when to pass the baton to their partner when their efforts are not effective. None of us can be on top of our game all the time, and good teamwork gets everyone further.
  • I like lousy housekeepers! Older adoptive parents will need to value being with the kids over the sparkling appliances. Family movie night on Friday might look like a heap of blankets and snacks crumbs come Saturday morning because you were having too much fun spending time together to get everything cleaned up.
  • Parents of older kids need to be playful, no matter what your child’s age. The wrestling, the snowball fights, swimming at the lake, tag and rolling in the leaves — these are all key to bonding.
  • Parents need to be able to just be quiet and listen to your child’s breathing, or reach out and hug him for no reason.

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Upcoming fee changes you should know about!

Fee Changes

Providing the best possible experience for families and children in our adoption programs is of the utmost importance to us. Our high quality, hands-on services and support consistently makes us the top-rated adoption organization in the country and families give us a 99 percent satisfaction rating.

We always strive to keep our costs below average. However, to continue to provide high quality services and care for the children in our adoption programs, we will be slightly adjusting our fee structure and increasing the Application Fee and the U.S. Processing Fee.

This is the first time we’ve raised the fees since 2014, and we apologize for any inconvenience this causes you or your family.

On September 1, the application fee will increase from $300 to $350. With the increase, we still remain at or below the average application fee of other adoption agencies.

Additionally, in order to spread out costs for families, we plan to split our U.S. Processing fee into two separate charges. We are increasing this fee in order to ensure we can provide quality, personalized support and services to your family prior to homestudy approval.

In the infographic above, you can see the direct comparison between the old structure and the new structure, along with a timeline of when each fee will be due.

We appreciate your understanding as we continue to always do what is best for children who need families.

For a more detailed look at Holt’s fees and additional costs related to adoption, please visit our website.

Thank you,

Lisa H. Vertulfo, LMSW
Vice President of Adoption Services

Note: These new fees are only for applications received on or after September 1.


I truly believe your kindness has created miracles …

We are excited to share that little Liu — now Penelope Lian — is home with her family in New Jersey!

Penelope with her mom, Lauren.

Earlier this year, sweet Penelope was living at Peace House, Holt’s very special, donor-supported medical foster home in Beijing. Because Penelope was born premature and experiencing global delays, Peace House offered a more nurturing alternative to orphanage care. At Peace House, Penelope received 24/7 attention from a dedicated caregiver and she grew and developed rapidly in a short time. Continue reading “I truly believe your kindness has created miracles …”