Holt Donors Help One Boy Find a Nurturing Home to Heal

Through Holt’s new donor-supported foster care program in Cambodia,  one boy with special medical needs finds a loving place to heal. 

Kiri’s mother brought him to the hospital for medical care, but then left and never came back. We may never know why she felt forced to make this heartbreaking decision…

He was just 1 year old and had a serious lung disease and a cleft palate. He was rushed to the ICU. Kiri stabilized, but for months he had no one to visit him. No one to hold and comfort him.

When they learned about Kiri, Holt donors and staff in Cambodia immediately stepped up to help Kiri stay in the care of a loving foster family.

Here’s how it happened . . .

When Kiri finally recovered, the hospital reached out to our team in Cambodia, who had just recently launched a pilot foster care program as a more nurturing care alternative for children living in the country’s orphanages. Just last year, with the support of Holt donors, our on-the-ground team trained the first seven families and placed the first five children into foster homes.

Kiri is among the first children to stay with a loving Holt foster family in Cambodia.


Today, Kiri is being expertly cared for by his foster mom and dad. He’s had continuing infections due to his long hospital stay. But in his foster family’s nurturing care, Kiri has had the chance to heal.

“The foster parents are providing good care to him and now he is getting better,” says Pola Ung, program manager for Holt Cambodia. “They have a strong connection with [Kiri] and keep taking care of him. He has started to walk and get healthier.”

Holt Cambodia and Kiri’s foster family are now planning for Kiri to receive surgery for his cleft palate. Within six months, as soon as his health will allow, Kiri’s palate will be repaired.

Ultimately, Holt Cambodia plans to help Kiri rejoin his birth family. If this isn’t possible, your support will help our team  seek an adoptive family for Kiri within Cambodia.

But for now, Kiri is healthy, happy and growing in the nurturing care of his foster family.

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