A Few 2020 Christmas Party Photos

A special message to sponsors from Holt president Phil Littleton. 

Tommy with the remote control plane he got for Christmas!
Tommy with the remote control plane he got for Christmas from his sponsor!

I just had a chance to see some of the photos from the 2020 holiday and Christmas parties you helped throw for children in sponsorship around the world. I love seeing these every year. But especially now, with all that’s going on in the world, it warmed my heart to see children laughing and playing and opening presents and having a wonderful, happy time together — and all because of you, their devoted and loving sponsors.

Although our overseas staff and partners are still sending them in, I just couldn’t wait to share a couple photos with you now!

Julia received a kitchen set as a Christmas gift from her sponsor.
Julia received a kitchen set as a Christmas gift from her sponsor.

This year, the ones that stood out to me most came from a care center in the Philippines. In each photo, a child holds their unwrapped Christmas present — a present unique to their interests, and addressed to them from their sponsor in the U.S.  What I love about these photos is how well they show the care with which the staff selected a gift for each child.

I’ve changed their names to protect their identities, but here’s the exact list of gifts each child received:

    1. Nicolas – wrist watch with alarm
    2. Ryan – remote car
    3. Paul – basketball shoes
    4. Samuel – sandals
    5. Tommy – remote car/helicopter
    6. John – soccer ball
    7. Freddy – remote monster car/fire truck
    8. Simon – talking toys
    9. Julia – kitchen wares toys/doll house
    10. Sally –  educational talking toys with sounds
Paul holds his new basketball shoes!
Paul holds his new basketball shoes!

As the staff wrote, “We are very grateful for the special holiday gift from the Holt sponsors, which gave the children an opportunity to feel more intensely being loved and being special to ‘someone out there’! The ten children were beside themselves, surprised and very happy to receive gifts from their sponsors. We pray our Holt sponsors be blessed abundantly as they touch more lives.”


Whether you sponsor a child in Uganda, Mongolia, Ethiopia, the Philippines or another country where Holt works, know that our teams around the world really do get to know each and every child in sponsorship and go above and beyond to make their annual celebrations special and personal to each of them.

Simon holds his Christmas present from his sponsor.
Simon holds his Christmas present from his sponsor.

But you are truly the one who makes this joyous event possible for your sponsored child.

Thank you for making your sponsored child feel so special and loved, on Christmas and throughout the year. And stay tuned — we plan to share more updates and photos from the 2020 holiday celebrations soon, including celebrations in your sponsored child’s country!

Not yet a sponsor? Learn about a child who needs your help to have nourishing food, safe shelter, education and the devoted care of a nurturing family or caregiver. 

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