Homes, Not Hotel Rooms for Children in U.S. Foster Care

Holt donors help children all around the world — including children in the United States! In Oregon and Washington, you help children find safe and secure foster and adoptive families. You help children like Marc and Jenny!

For two months, Marc and Jenny didn’t have a home. They entered Washington’s foster care system. But there was nowhere for them to go. Nowhere for them to unpack their bag of few belongings.

So they were moved around. They lived with nine different foster families. Never for very long. And when they were in between these foster families, they had to stay in a hotel with their social worker. They spent a total of ten nights in a hotel. Scared, and feeling alone and unwanted.

Finally, Holt staff in Washington found a foster family for Marc and Jenny to live with. These siblings had already experienced a lot of trauma, and the care of a family came right in time.

Marc and Jenny hadn’t been to a doctor or dentist for years. They wouldn’t speak. They weren’t sleeping and would scream from night terrors. But slowly, they began to heal. Now, they are sleeping through the night. Their speech is normal. They are eating again, and making progress in school.

“They seek comfort from their Holt family,” says Greg Eubanks, Holt’s senior vice president for U.S. foster care and adoption. “They are learning that adults can be trusted to care for them, to love them, and to keep them safe … Where once they were homeless, they now have  a home and a family where they belong.”

Their foster family is even helping Marc and Jenny maintain relationships with safe members of their biological family. “When others repeatedly said ‘no’ to these young children, this Holt family said ‘yes,’” Greg says.

As a Holt donor, you said “yes” to Marc and Jenny, too. Even though you don’t know them, when you give to Holt it’s like you say, “Yes, I see you. Yes, I care about you. Yes, you deserve to live with a safe and caring family.”

Thank you for saying “yes” to caring for children in need — children from Mongolia to Uganda, from China to right here in the U.S.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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