Adison, Archie & Annie Need a Family!

Could you or someone you know be the right family for these siblings?

Like all siblings, Adison, Archie and Annie have their own individual personalities and interests. But they all share a love for drawing, singing and dancing! They also enjoy swimming and going to the local sports center where they ride bicycles and horses together.

Adison, the oldest, is described as tender and affectionate by her caregivers in Colombia. She is intelligent and quick to learn new things at school. Her caregivers describe her as a rule follower and say she is very articulate. Adison really hopes to start dance class soon and wants to be a doctor when she grows up! She especially enjoys playing with friends at school, going on walks and taking trips.

Archie is described as very affectionate. He is interested in sports and is a big fan of the Colombian National Soccer Team. He likes to play outdoor games, ride bicycles and paint. He also really likes the experience of going out to eat and especially enjoys this quality time with his siblings.

Annie, the youngest, is described as a social and loving girl. She enjoys playing with her peers and does well at school. Like her big sister Adison, she learns new concepts easily and does well academically. Like her brother, she loves soccer and going to the local sports center to play. Annie also likes to play with blocks, cars, horses and dolls, and loves to go to the park to play.

When asked to about an adoptive family, the children describe parents who will play with them!

The ideal family for these siblings will be very familiar with the long-term effects of childhood trauma, have access to adoption-competent therapy and be able to provide a stable and protective environment to help them grow and thrive. These children would benefit from a two-parent family with or without other children in the home and If other children are present in the home, they should be older than Adison. Their family should also have excellent access to medical, educational and therapeutic resources.

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