Micah Needs a Family!

Nine-month-old Micah loves to be cuddled. He loves when his foster mom gives him massages, and he especially enjoys bath time.

Micah weighed just 5.8 lbs at birth, and he has always been very small compared to his peers. At his most recent well baby checkup in December 2019, he was 5 months old and assessed at 2-5 months developmentally. He was referred to neurology to follow-up on motor delays and his small head size. We have not yet received any medical reports, but expect to receive them this month.

Micah needs a family that is comfortable with the unknowns related to his developmental delays and small size. But most of all, he needs a permanent, loving family that will give him all the cuddles and baby massages he deserves!

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Micah? To learn more about this sweet boy, email waitingchild@holtinternational.org!



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