Carter Needs a Family!

Carter is 11 years old, but has lived in an orphanage since he was a very young baby.

He loves to play volleyball, soccer and jump rope, and is a very naturally talented dancer! His caregivers describe him as friendly, talkative, competitive, sensitive and smart. He is an extrovert and loves spending time with the nuns and other children at his care center.

He is always eager to help out with the younger children, and loves to work with others in the garden and kitchen — he’s especially good at helping to make the lemonade and orange juice.

Carter says that he dreams of having his own parents and siblings to love him and care for him, and to spend time with him.

Carter is healthy and developmentally on target. His only “special need” is that he is older in age, and will need adoptive parents with a good understanding of older child adoption.

Because Carter lives at a Catholic care center, the best family for Carter is one of Christian faith, as well as one that is gentle, warm, loving, empathetic to his needs, and determined to focus on bonding and attachment before correction.

Want to learn more about Carter and the eligibility requirements to adopt him? Contact our waiting child coordinator at  

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