Dayton Needs a Family!

Could you be the right family for Dayton?

A few months ago, caregivers in Colombia sat down with 7-year-old Dayton to record a video Q&A with him. And just like Dayton, his answers were cute, confident and funny.

“Hello,” he said, confidently and punctuated. “I am Dayton. And I am 7 years old. And I have a good idea.”

“What’s your good idea?” his caregiver asked him.

“That I have a girlfriend,” he said matter-of-factly. You can hear his caregiver suppressing her giggles in the background. “Her name is Maria. I was cooking with her in the kitchen!” Dayton continued.

Dayton, in fact, was referring to another caregiver, who had just been teaching him to grate vegetables and cheese and prepare other ingredients during a cooking activity.

In this quick minute-long video, you can read so much into Dayton’s personality. You can tell that he’s charming and sweet and extroverted and very sure of himself in an adorable 7-year-old kind of way. He has soft, light brown hair and big, trusting dark brown eyes.

Dayton would absolutely thrive with the love, care and attention of a permanent family. He even says this himself.

Dayton has cerebral palsy, and his movement is limited because of it. He is unable to walk independently, but can use his arms to pull himself along on the floor. He’s made huge progress in the past several years, though, and despite his limitations he is very active and determined to keep growing stronger and more independent.

Dayton loves games and musical instruments and reading and writing stories. He even created his own recipe book after his time cooking with his favorite caregiver.

Dayton will be such a joy to his adoptive family, if only he is given the chance.

The best family for Dayton will have access to excellent medical resources and therapies, and understand how his special needs will impact his growth and development. He would thrive in an active family with siblings.

To learn more about Dayton, and whether you could be the right family for him, contact our adoption specialists at, 541-687-2202 or request more information about Dayton by filling out this form!

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