National Adoption Month 2019: A Recap

This year’s National Adoption Awareness Month campaign made quite the impact!

Throughout the month, Holt families and adoptees helped show the real, raw, emotional moments that capture what it means to adopt, or be adopted. Through stories, photos and videos, they helped take people behind the scenes — showing the true joys and complexities of adoption, and inspiring others to start their own adoption journey, advocate for kids waiting for families or reach out to Holt’s post-adoption team for information about adoptee and family camps, adoptee mentoring through Circle Back, birth search assistance and more!

In November, Holt received 133 requests for info about adoption — and 82  applications to adopt! Over 2,300 people liked or shared stories about children waiting for families and over 300 requested more information about specific children. Nearly 40 people inquired about our new program for children with special needs in Thailand, and nearly 300 individuals reached out to Holt’s post-adoption team to learn about our services!

Whether you shared a personal story or video, advocated for a child waiting for a family, helped voice the diverse perspectives of adoptees, or simply liked and shared posts on social media, thank YOU for helping to raise awareness about adoption this National Adoption Month. You made a big impact.

And if you missed any of our blog posts last month, no worries! You can check them out below!

Daniella Urgently Needs a Family!

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Daniella?

Wyeth’s Adoption Day!

“This is our story of how we became a family.” – The McBride Family

Finding Families for Children With Special Needs From Thailand

Three Holt staff members traveled across Thailand to assess 130 children who are eligible for adoption through the Thailand Special Needs Program.


Preparing for the Unexpected — And the Expected!

How the “Child-Specific Preparation” tool helped two families anticipate their child’s needs, and ease their transition home.

Dawson Urgently Needs a Family

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Dawson?

A Family For Me

Denise Russell, Holt’s child advocacy coordinator in the Seattle area, works with youth in foster care every day. But one child, Kyle, especially touched her heart…

Why U.S. Kids Need You To Say “Yes”

Children in our U.S. foster care and adoption system are in crisis — sleeping in hotel rooms and repurposed jails for a lack of somewhere to go. They need individuals and families to stand up, and say “yes.”

The Full Picture of My Adoption

Last year for National Adoption Month, adoptee Mai Anh Hall reflected on adoption’s role in life — a role she hadn’t thought much about in her 21 years of life. One year later, she takes a closer look at the full picture.

Right There Beside Me

Holt adoptee Kim Buckley shares photos and stories from her life that capture what being adopted means to her.

New Holt Family Retreat Slated for 2020

Change is coming to Holt Adoptee Camp… Are you ready?

Holden Needs a Family!

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Holden?

Post-Adoption Programs for Adoptees & Families

Holt International offers a variety of post-adoption programs for adoptees and families, including weeklong adoptee camps and a coaching and education program to help families navigate challenges. Below, adult adoptee Bre Linder shares her reflections on Holt Adoptee Camp while the Choate family shares about Holt’s Post-Adoption Coaching & Education program.

Holt International offers a variety of post-adoption programs and services — providing lifetime support for adoptees and families. 

With an Open Heart and an Open Mind

As you begin your adoption journey, one small step beyond your comfort zone may be all that stands between you and your future child. But openness in adoption looks different for every family.

With a Mom and Dad, They’ll Be OK

Amy Kalani, Holt’s director of adoption services for NE Asia, recently traveled and met two older children who are waiting to be adopted.

How Your Life Changes When You Adopt

When you become a parent, your life as you’ve known it for the last 20, 30, 40 years comes to an (often unceremonious) end — and a beautiful, chaotic, enriching, exhausting, unbelievably fulfilling life begins. Everyone knows that to be true. But when you become an adoptive parent — even if you’re already a parent — your life will change in ways that aren’t common knowledge, and that are in fact uniquely specific to this uncommon and very special path to parenthood.

A young boy smiles with his adoptive parents.

Ready to start your adoption journey? Reach out to us today at or (541) 687-2202.

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