Jules Needs a Family!

Jules is a sweet, charming and gentle little boy who loves to give and receive hugs. At almost 2 years old, Jules is one of the children waiting for his loving, permanent family.

Jules was diagnosed with epilepsy earlier this year, along with other developmental delays. But his epilepsy is managed with daily medication, and he receives physical and occupational therapy to help with his development.

Despite his delays, Jules can walk and stand by himself. He also enjoys chasing balls and waving goodbye! And when he hears music, he enjoys dancing by moving his shoulders and waving his hands up and down.

Jules only knows a few words, but he loves to interact with others! He enjoys greeting people at the door, giving them a hug and playing with them.

The best fit for Jules is a loving, permanent family who understands his prenatal history and can provide treatment or other medical resources to help him thrive.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Jules? Please contact Kristen Henry at kristenh@holtinternational.org or view his photolisting profile for more information.


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