Daniella Urgently Needs a Family!

Thirteen-year-old Daniella has a big heart, and she loves reading, putting together puzzles and telling stories. Because of her age, she will soon age out of adoption eligibility. It’s urgent that we find a permanent, loving family for her!

When Daniella came into care at one month old, she had scoliosis that was never treated — causing multiple deformed limbs. She is unable to walk, but she uses a wheelchair to move around the care center. Daniella needs some assistance for her personal care, but overall, she is an independent teenager.

She’s quieter than other children, but she isn’t afraid of strangers! Daniella is also known for lending a helping hand to her former foster family, teachers, caregivers and friends.

And one day, she hopes to have a family of her own.

The best fit for Daniella is a loving, permanent family with an understanding about older child adoption. They should also have access to medical care and educational resources that will help her thrive once she comes home.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Daniella? Please contact Alycia Fahr-Zarlons at alyciaf@holtinternational.org or view her photolisting profile for more information.

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