You Gave Them Christmas: Photos & Updates From 2018 Parties

Every year, children around the world receive a special Christmas and holiday celebration — all thanks to generous sponsors and donors!

Christmas and holiday celebrations look a little different for children living in impoverished communities or orphanages around the world. For most children, holidays aren’t celebrated with treats, a party or gifts wrapped in colorful paper. These luxuries are often too expensive for families and children who have just enough to survive each day.

But every year, our generous sponsors and donors share the love of Jesus, and the spirit of Christmas, with children in Holt’s programs. They go above and beyond, and they bring so much joy to their sponsored child!

When sponsors and donors give $25, each child receives a hand-picked gift, festive meal, treats and a special party with their family and friends! It’s a fun-filled day — giving them wonderful memories that they will cherish all year.

Take a look at last year’s joyous holiday celebrations around the world!

A child in the Longchuan Family Strengthening program in China shows her Christmas card from her sponsor to her friends! Thanks to sponsors and donors, each child in this program received a new pair of sneakers, soap, pens and other goodies as part of their holiday celebration. In total, 255 pairs of sneakers were gifted! Kids were smiling and full of joy at their party — knowing that their sponsors gave them this special opportunity to run around and have fun together!

Children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia jump, laugh and play together at their holiday celebration! They played team-building games and families gathered to join their kids at the party. Because of sponsors’ generosity, children received a snack and drinks to enjoy together. Holt Cambodia staff also gave a short presentation to families about the importance of education and health — keeping kids engaged with trivia and prizes. They also provided new toothbrushes and toothpaste to help the children stay healthy!

A sponsored child smiles as he decorates his Christmas cookie at FANA, one of Holt’s partners in Colombia. With 180 children participating in the special Christmas celebration, each child received a card from their sponsor and decorated sugar cookies with frosting and cereal! Kids also played outdoors in inflatables and a pool of balls, and the party ended with a fun puppet and music show! Children were smiling and laughing all day at their Christmas party — all thanks to sponsors and donors.

A group of daycare children in the Philippines join together for a photo with Jollibee, the famed mascot of the popular local food chain that provided food for the party. They had a special day of games, dancing, singing and a tasty meal at their Christmas celebration! “They never get tired of dancing and singing,” one of our local staff members says. “They enjoyed their food — their top favorite fried chicken, burger and juice packs.” Thanks to sponsors and donors, the children also received a new pencil case, pencils and crayons to use at school. Parents were full of joy, too! They thanked sponsors for never failing to give their kids the best opportunities.

Two children in Haiti smile as they hold their Christmas cards from their sponsors in the U.S. In Haiti’s programs, children started their Christmas celebration by praying, singing and learning about the importance of sharing and caring. Then, a fun party with dances, musical chairs, performances and contests kept the kids smiling all day! Because of sponsors and donors’ kindness, children received car toys, dolls, and reading and coloring books as gifts! The children and staff members at the parties continued to express their gratitude. “Your generosity has made a difference in the life of our children as they had a full day of joy during the Christmas season,” says a Holt Haiti staff member. “This unforgettable moment will last forever in their memory.”

In Shinshicho, Ethiopia, Tesfanesh smiles and proudly holds her Christmas card from her sponsor. With the support of their sponsors, children like Tesfanesh celebrated by playing different games, eating yummy biscuits and drinks, and spending time with their friends and teachers. Holt staff and nurses also put together a fun, interactive presentation for the kids — teaching them about the importance of hygiene, health and sanitation. Because of sponsors and donors’ generosity, children were so excited to celebrate and share the spirit of Christmas together!

Around 450 kids in Uganda celebrated together with games, songs and dancing. Thanks to sponsors and donors, the children also received special treats to eat together! They shared a delicious cake and each received soda and snacks throughout the day. “Children were so excited to share the love of God through you,” says one of Holt’s on-the-ground staff members. “It was exciting because you thought about them… They all joined to pray that God blesses you in the new year.”

Share the spirit of Christmas with a child this year! Your gift of $25 will provide a hand-picked gift, special meal, a day of fun and games, snacks and more to one child!

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