National Adoption Month 2019: Real Moments, Real Stories

For National Adoption Month, we're asking for your help to show the real moments that capture what it means to adopt, or be adopted.

Every year, we get excited for November because it’s National Adoption Month — a month devoted to advocating for children who are waiting for permanent, loving families, and raising awareness about the continuing need for and issues surrounding adoption!

But it’s not just agencies and organizations that raise awareness about adoption during the month of November. No matter who you are, everyone can help advocate for children who are waiting for families through adoption.

And no matter what their role, every person involved in adoption has a story to share. No story or experience is the same for adoptees, adoptive families, birth families or anyone impacted by adoption, and every voice and perspective is valuable when exploring the complexities and the joys of building a family through adoption.

National Adoption Month is a month devoted to advocating for children who are waiting for permanent, loving families!

Sometimes, the best stories and most powerful moments aren’t the ones captured in a glossy magazine or polished video. Often, it’s the candid moments that move people to tears — the first meeting between a child and her adoptive parents captured on a shaky iPhone video, the blurry referral photo that a family first saw of their child, the unedited Facebook post written by an adoptee about his reunion with his birth parents or former foster family.

That’s why, this National Adoption Month, we are asking for your help to show the real, raw, emotional moments that capture what it means to adopt, or be adopted. By sharing your stories, videos and photos, you can help take people behind the scenes — showing the true joys and complexities of adoption, and inspiring others to get involved.


This November, our adoption staff will also share their special, behind-the-scenes moments with children who are currently waiting for families — children they met and had a special connection with on a trip overseas.

In addition, throughout the month we will feature fresh, not-yet-published content from our 2019 adoption magazine. We will hold a special “intro to adoption” event over Facebook Live on Friday, November 15, at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. We will share about a special project happening in Thailand to help advocate for kids with special needs, discuss the need for families to adopt children in foster care, and so much more!


But we can’t do it without your help!

Maybe you saved on your phone the emotional moment you first met your child. Like the moment Mariana, who waited eight years for her family, first met her parents in person:

Or the cute — and funny moment — when Apollo met his family:


No matter what story, photo or video you have to share, we know that your voice is powerful. Join us as we advocate for children in a very special way this National Adoption Month — sharing your and your family’s stories to help raise awareness about adoption, and the continuing need for families to open their hearts and homes to a child.

Want to help raise awareness about adoption and advocate for kids? Share a meaningful moment with us! Send your photos and stories to Robin Munro at and videos to Daniel Hespen at for consideration to be featured on Holt’s blog, Facebook and Instagram during National Adoption Month!

Don’t want to share on Holt’s page? Simply post on your favorite social media site during the month of November, and don’t forget to tag us @holtinternational!


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