Watts Needs a Family!

Watts is a waiting child in Holt's programs.

Watts is a smiley, joyful and playful little boy who loves to run around and be outside. As a 3-year-old, Watts loves to be around other kids — especially at his daycare! He is one of the children waiting for his permanent, loving family through adoption.

Watts is a waiting child in Holt's programs.Watts is a waiting child in Holt's programs.

Watts has experienced seizures in the past. He also has developmental delays, for which he receives ongoing early intervention and therapies. His health and development are monitored, but he is making significant progress in both areas.

Right now, Watts communicates in two to four-word sentences and. But he can express his needs easily and is learning more vocabulary every day! His daycare teacher often reads books with him, and he actively engages during reading time.

Watts is a waiting child in Holt's programs.

The best fit for Watts would be a permanent family who can embrace the unknowns and give him the medical care and love he needs to grow strong and healthy.

Watts is a waiting child in Holt's programs.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Watts? Please email waitingchild@holtinternational.org

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  1. My first daughter who is going to be 17 now has exactly the same delays as Watts. It was not easy every day, but when I see its evolution today I tell myself that my husband and I have worked very well. She has become a beautiful young girl and she manages to speak almost normally, no one notices her delays. Our association here in Luxembourg in Europe sent our adoption file to South Korea last September and I can tell you that if Holt Korea offers us a little boy like Watts, we will immediately accept him. Courage little Watts Holt will find you a permanent family who will love you very much.

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