Trevon Needs a Family!

A $3,000 Special Blessing grant is available to help the right family bring Trevon home!

Trevon enjoys going to the swimming pool, watching cartoons and playing with friends! At 10 years old, he has lived at his care center since birth. He’s looking forward to joining his adoptive family one day — and hoping that it will be in the near future.

His birth mother couldn’t take care of Trevon when he was born. As he grew older, his caregivers noted that he was always healthy, active and attentive. He works hard and enjoys lending a helping hand to his friends and teachers.

When he isn’t in his sixth grade class learning English, Vietnamese and math, Trevon prefers to spend time with his close friends or by himself in a quieter setting. His favorite pastimes include reading comic books and watching animated science fiction movies!

The best fit for Trevon would be a loving, permanent family with educational resources and knowledge regarding older child adoption.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Trevon? For more information about him, please contact Kristen Henry and visit his photolisting profile!

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