Summer 2019 Holt Child Sponsorship News

Read news and updates from Holt’s spring/summer 2019 child sponsorship magazine, including photos from sponsor-supported International Day of the Child celebrations, before and after photos of children in sponsorship, sponsor testimonials and more!

Making a Difference

When you sponsor, you completely transform your sponsored child’s life. Sponsors bring hope, joy and opportunities to children and their families. And sometimes, you can even see a remarkable physical change in your sponsored child – one that shows the dramatic impact of nourishing food, medical care and other tangible needs you meet through your generous monthly gifts.

Pranav lives with his family in India. When his sponsor began supporting him, he was significantly underweight, and his body was covered in post-inflammatory scars. Although he had a healthy mental condition, he needed proper support and care for better physical health.

Today, Pranav has reached a healthy weight with a high protein diet, and he has so much energy that he runs and plays. Thanks to his sponsor’s dedication, he receives the quality medical care and nutritional support he needs to grow up safe and healthy. He is healthy all around, expresses himself well, and he can now do everything that other children his age can do!

Dear Sponsors

As a monthly sponsor, you get the opportunity to have a one-on-one relationship with your sponsored child. While some children draw handmade pictures, others love to send their sponsor a letter to say thank you or tell them about their lives. See what Khuslen sent to her sponsor in the United States.

Khuslen lives in a “ger” — a traditional Mongolian home — with seven family members. Both of her parents are unemployed, and they struggle to meet their children’s basic needs. Through her sponsor’s monthly gifts, however, Khuslen can go to school, eat warm meals and stay in the loving care of her family. She has everything she needs to thrive!

International Day of the Child Celebrations

Every year on June 1, the International Day of the Child, boys and girls in Holt’s programs attend a very special birthday celebration. Thanks to their sponsors, children receive birthday gifts, a special meal and a fun celebration with other kids in their community! Sponsors also have the opportunity to send a special birthday card to their sponsored child. Seeing a photo and message from their sponsor makes the children’s day so much brighter, and they often can’t wait to show others!

Just for Sponsors

Two to three times a year, sponsors receive a special update about their sponsored child. These updates often include a beautiful drawing that your sponsored child made — just for you!

Why I Sponsor

“I sponsor because I think every child deserves a fair chance to make something of themselves. To know what love and encouragement is. That someone out there is rooting for them, praying for them and wanting to give them the opportunity to dream to be whatever they aspire to be. Even though my part is seemingly small in the grand scheme of helping my sponsored child, I’m making a difference to make sure those wants and needs for her are being seen through. Being a sponsor momma has been such a joy and humbling experience.” — Anna Klipsch

“We sponsor because God calls us to help those in need and to share what we have (Hebrews 13:16, Proverbs 19:17, Deuteronomy 15:11). Seeing a new photo of our sponsored child absolutely makes our day! We enjoy receiving pictures and updates of our child, and we love receiving cards from him! I’m also an ALS-English interpreting student, and reading about the different children Holt supports through sustaining orphanages and deaf schools in other countries is incredible. Our family is proud to support Holt International and everything they do.” Delaney Lange, sponsors with her husband, Jonathan

Not yet a sponsor? For just $34 a month, you can help provide nourishing food, medical care, education and more to an orphaned or vulnerable child. Most of all, you will help a child thrive in the love of their family, or provide nurturing care for a child while they wait to go home to a loving, permanent family! Sponsor a child today at!

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