Ollie Needs a Family!

At almost 1 and a half years old, Ollie loves to laugh and play with toys! His favorite thing to do is play with blocks, but he also enjoys babbling when he’s around others.

Ollie came into care a month after he was born. He has a medical history that still needs to be monitored by a neurologist and nephrologist, but he is currently in good condition.

He has also learned to stand on his own with the help of his caregiver — or the nearby furniture! Ollie’s curiosity increases with his new ability to stand, and he seems eager to explore different environments around him.

The best fit for Ollie is a permanent, loving family that will give him the love, care and support he needs to thrive. His family should also have access to medical resources that he will need to grow strong and healthy!

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Ollie? For more information about him, please contact Kristen Henry and visit his photolisting profile!

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