Bringing Education To Their World

Imagine your sponsored child receiving her first school uniform or the news that he can attend school on a one-year scholarship. Imagine the opportunities that an education will provide her, knowing that going to school helps prevent gender-based violence and discrimination.

Sponsorship — and your commitment to your sponsored child — empowers boys and girls around the world to overcome poverty and achieve their dreams. 


At a preschool in Cambodia’s impoverished Kampot province, a sponsored girl leans on her desk. In many rural areas of Cambodia, children do not have access to a preschool education, resulting in delayed social, language and academic development. But in Kampot, children now attend one of five sponsor-supported preschools where they have a safe space to eat snacks, learn skills and prepare for life-long success in school. Students like this young girl can now pursue their dreams by receiving an early education.


Seven-year-old Nigat reads numbers off a chalkboard with ease — a task she could not do before her sponsor made it possible for her to attend an early childhood care and development program in rural Ethiopia. This program provides preschool education to orphaned and vulnerable children, developing readiness for school. Now a first-grader, Nigat quickly reads words in English, confidently performs basic math skills and loves to answer questions. One day, she hopes to become a teacher.


A sponsored boy smiles in his classroom at Fontana Village School — a primary school on the southern coast of Haiti. Before this one-room school house opened its doors, children in the community did not have a school close enough to attend. And many children still have to walk a 6 to 9-mile trek every day to get to Fontana school. But because of sponsors and donors, over 100 children now have a place where they can learn, play and eat a nutritious meal — in many cases, the only one they will eat all day.


At the Red Stone School in Mongolia, Tugs-Erdene (right) and a fellow student stand in their classroom.  Many of the 30 children who attend Red Stone School come from families who live and work in the city’s largest garbage dump. But because of sponsors, these children now have a safe space to learn, a hot lunch every day, hot water and soap to clean up with, and a warm environment where they can study during Ulaanbaatar’s harsh winters. Most of all, for kids like Tugs-Erdene, this sponsor-supported school provides an education they would never otherwise receive. 


Children at Jolly Children’s Academy in Uganda pose for the camera in their school uniforms — one of the gifts their sponsors provide. For children growing up in this impoverished, rural community, an education is no guarantee due to the high cost of fees, supplies and uniforms. Sometimes, when expenses become an issue, families in Uganda will send just one of their children to school while the others stay home. But because of sponsors, families in this community don’t have to make this difficult choice. 


Nine-year-old Luong plays outside the Kianh Foundation Center — one of the only schools in Vietnam designed specifically for children with special needs. Luong’s mother passed away when he was a baby, and his father struggles to provide for his children on his limited income. But through the generosity of sponsors, Luong’s father only has to pay a small fee for Luong to receive the specialized education and therapies he needs to reach his potential! Like many children at the Kianh Foundation Center, Luong is now thriving in ways that would never have been possible without the kindness and generosity of sponsors.

For $25, you can send a child to school for one year!  Give a back-to-school gift now! 

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