Hallie Needs a Family!

At a young age, Hallie always loved to sing. She currently sings in a choir with her peers, and one day, she wants to learn how to play the piano. Along with her love for music, Hallie also enjoys ballet!

But even though Hallie enjoys singing and dancing, her dream is to become a cook one day!

She is a bright, sweet and cheerful young girl. Hallie can be shy with strangers, but she will warm up to them in no time. She is also known to be a social butterfly with people in her classes and extracurricular activities!

Hallie is missing her right hand, but she can do almost everything by herself. When she was younger, Hallie also had two repaired cleft edges and a repaired ventral septal defect. She currently receives different forms of therapy to help her reach her fullest potential.

Hallie expresses the desire to be adopted, and her family should have good access to the resources, special education and therapies she needs to thrive. Her family should also have a good understanding of older child adoption.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Hallie? For more information about her, please contact Kristen Henry and visit her photolisting profile!

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