5 things to know about Holt’s China Program!

China Adoption

So many adoption agencies find loving homes for children from China, it can be hard to know what agency is the best fit for your family! To help you decide, here are five key facts about Holt’s China adoption program:

1. One of the first agencies to find families for children from China, Holt has a longstanding relationship with the Chinese government and we have 25+ staff members in China. Holt is one of two agencies with NGO status in China, which allows our dedicated in-country staff members to follow up directly with the children’s caregivers for updated information.

2. We have 10 experienced staff at our headquarters dedicated to just our China program, which allows us to move families through the process quickly while also developing a personal relationship with each of our families.

3. We can help more families! Some agencies can’t handle the influx of families that apply and their waitlists just continue to grow. Holt’s waitlist of families is quite reasonable and most of our families have been waiting less than 18 months to be matched with a girl and less than 12 months to be matched with a boy. Meet some of the kids who recently came home to adoptive families!

4. Many of the children we match are under 4 years old at time of placement. More than half of all placements for 2019 so far have included children matched between ages 1-4. Children currently in need of families are both boys and girls with a wide range of medical conditions, ages 2-13 on arrival. Many children ages 5-13 also wait for adoptive families.

5. You can travel faster than ever before! While Holt families used to travel in groups once a month, we recently changed our process to help families travel sooner. Now Holt offers several travel groups each month, providing the best of both worlds — helping families bring their child home as quickly as possible while also getting to travel with a small group of other adoptive parents.

Right now, we have more children waiting in China than we have families to match them! If you have taken the first steps in your adoption journey, or even if you are still only considering adoption, you could be matched with a child soon through Holt’s China program.

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