These Siblings Need a Family!

Serge, Samuel and Sally share close relationships with one another, and they dream of being in the same loving, permanent family together.

Their personalities differ like most siblings, but they are all affectionate, kind and caring.

At age 7, Serge is the oldest of the sibling group, and he is a great big brother to Samuel and Sally. Even though he can be shy at times, Serge loves to play soccer and watch superhero movies!

Serge is also independent in his daily routine, but he listens well and adapts to new environments with ease.

Samuel is an expressive and artistic 5-year-old. You can often find him running, jumping and playing with his peers, as he loves to be active! He also likes to paint and draw when he can.

Samuel is receiving speech services to help with pronunciation and other language skills. But he can effectively communicate his needs, and he loves to talk with others.

At almost 3 years old, Sally shares a strong bong with her older brothers. She is a sweet and calm little girl, and at her school, she loves to listen to music and dance! Like her brother Samuel, Sally is artistic and enjoys painting and drawing.

She tends to be introverted, but giving her group activities and games helps her interact with others.

The best fit for this sibling group is a permanent family that will give them the love, care and resources they need to thrive.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for these siblings? Please contact Kristen Henry at or view their photolisting on the Holt website for more information.

You can also request more information about this sibling group!

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