Children in China Need Families Now!

The beautiful children in the photos below have been matched with loving adoptive families!  But many children are still waiting.


Did you know that children just like the ones below still need families through Holt’s China program?  They are in China right now, waiting. And we currently don’t have enough families to match them with! If you have taken the first steps in your adoption journey, or even if you are still only considering adoption, you could be matched with a child soon through Holt’s China program.  

Children currently in need of families are both boys and girls with a wide range of medical conditions, ages 2-13 on arrival.  More than half of all placements for 2019 so far have included children matched between ages 1-4! The reality, however, is that many children ages 5-13 also wait for families.

Examples of conditions that may be considered moderate/manageable include: prematurity, developmental delays (speech, motor), ear atresia, anal atresia, albinism, syphilis (treated), cleft lip and palate, orthopedic/limb malformations, and heart conditions like ASD, VSD and PFO.

Examples of more involved conditions or those requiring ongoing care after arrival include: epilepsy or history of seizures, thalassemia,  vision or hearing loss, cognitive delays, incontinence, CT abnormalities, or heart conditions such as tetralogy of fallot (TOF), PDA and dextrocardia. Central nervous system conditions like cerebral palsy and spina bifida would also fall into this category.

Families who are willing to accept either gender, a wide range of medical conditions and a wider age range will be matched sooner.  (We no longer accept applicants who are only open to females, 0-2, with minor/correctable conditions.)

We don’t have enough families for the children who are waiting right now!  So if you have ever considered adopting through Holt’s China program, the time is now!

This sweet 1-and-a-half year old has been diagnosed with PDA, a heart condition. It took a year and a half for his family to be matched with him.


This sweet 2-year-old was born premature. Her family was matched with her in 21 months.
This 2-year-old sweetheart has Thalassemia. She was matched with a family in 9 months.
This 1-year-old cutie has been diagnosed with albinism. Individuals with albinism are born without the usual amount of skin pigment, which often creates very pale skin, hair and eyes. She was matched with her family in 1 month.
This sweet 3-year-old’s cleft lip and palate was corrected after a successful surgery in China. She was matched with her family in 18 months.
This sweet 1-year old girl was matched in 6 months, and has been diagnosed with congenital adrenal cortical hyperplasia.

This sweet 1-year-old boy was matched in less than a month, and has been diagnosed with cleft lip/palate, anal atresia (post operative) and a congenital heart condition.

This sweet little girl has been diagnosed with developmental delays. Her family waited 5 months to be matched with her.
This sweet 2-year-old has post-operative congenital heart disease. He was matched with his family in 2 months.
This 3-and-a-half year old cutie pie has developmental delays. It took 1 month for his family to be matched with him.

Look at the photos above once more.  These children have their families, but there are so many more children waiting in China right now who don’t.  In the past two decades, adoptions through China have seen many changes — including more domestic adoptions, changes in child profile and orphanage closures — but what has remained constant is Holt’s dedication to walking side by side with families every step of the way until they have their beautiful child in their arms.

As one of the largest and oldest international adoption agencies, we have the expertise and resources, and an amazing and experienced staff — both here and in China — to make sure that the journey to the child who is waiting for you is as smooth as possible.  We will never pressure you into accepting a child whose special needs are more than you can manage, and we will work tirelessly to make sure that you are comfortable and happy throughout the entire process.

Children in China need loving homes, and we need loving families for them!  

Please reach out to our China program today to learn more about the children in China who are waiting for families right now! Call 1-833-346-9044 or email with questions.


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