These Brothers Need a Family!

Alek and Dezi.

Alek and Dezi are friendly, athletic and kind brothers who enjoy spending time with their friends!

At ages 14 and 12, Alek and Dezi share a close bond. They started school during the same year, and they are both in the third grade.

Alek is a smart and driven student who is very independent and always willing to learn. He also has excellent leadership skills, as he is the class president!

Dezi is a positive and cooperative student. He works hard in his classes, especially with reading and writing.

He loves to talk to his peers, and he speaks with a significant lisp. Dezi’s speech is not easily understood, but he receives the necessary care to help with pronunciation, reading and writing.

Alek and Dezi love to play soccer and badminton with their peers. Their favorite class at school is PE!

Both boys express the desire to join a permanent family who will give them the love and care they need.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Alek and Dezi? Please contact Kristen Henry at or visit their photolisting profile.

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