Let’s Talk About Birth Search!

We’re talking about birth search! In part 1 of our birth search video series, we break down some of the basics of searching. We’ll cover the big things that we want Adoptees to know about this overwhelming and confusing topic.

In part 2 of our birth search video series, we talk about elements of the actual process to search. We break down a couple of the concrete steps that are taken to give you a better idea about what birth search may look like for you.

Buckle up everybody! In the third and final part of our birth search video series we sit down to discuss the possible outcomes of search. In this video, four adult Adoptees sit down to have a candid conversation with each other about the possible outcomes of search.

Not all Adoptees have access to other Adoptees to discuss these heavy and complex topics so we invite you to take part in these candid conversations with us.

As always, please contact Holt International Post Adoption Services at pas@holtinternational.org for more information and support.

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