These Siblings Need a Family!


Stefani, Madalena and Jairo share a close bond. Not only do they support and care for one another, but they love participating in different activities together — especially anything involving art, music or sports.

They also attend a Catholic church and enjoy the space it gives them to strengthen their values together.

Twelve-year-old Stefani – the oldest of the siblings – is calm, caring and dedicated. She has a creative mind and loves to write poetry. She even won a poetry competition at her school! As a fifth-grader, she is one of the top students in her class. Stefani also enjoys playing chess and sports with her friends.

Nine-year-old Madalena loves cheerleading, listening to music and playing chess! She is in third grade and is a natural leader. Madalena is always willing to participate in any activity, and she loves to socialize with her friends.

Madalena also experiences a delay in growth and development from Turner’s syndrome, but she currently receives the medical support and treatments she needs to manage her condition. In her classes at school, Madalena is eager and patient to learn!

Jairo – age 7 and the youngest of the siblings – enjoys running, playing soccer and being outdoors. He performs well in his first-grade class and loves being around his classmates. He relies on both of his older sisters as they play important roles in his life.

A patient and loving family that has a good understanding of older child adoption and the resources to help them thrive would be the best for these siblings.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for these siblings? Please contact Kristen Henry at or view their photolisting on the Holt website for more information.

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