Adair Needs a Family!

Adair is a spirited and attentive 10-year-old who loves to solve his Rubik’s Cube and spend time with others!

He will start the fifth grade next fall, and his dream is to become a doctor in the future.

Adair feels shy when speaking English in front of his fellow students, but he seems more confident when he speaks alone.

Adair enjoys playing football with friends, jumping around, drawing pictures and singing in his free time. Even after a day full of activities, he continues to socialize with others. He also prepares for his lessons and prays to God before he goes to sleep.

He has a strategic mind when he plays with other children, but sometimes he breaks the rules to win.

Two of Adair’s friends were recently adopted, and they often call him. Adair loves these phone calls, and he dreams of having a family of his own one day.

A patient family with an understanding about older child adoption and the willingness to connect him with his friends would be best for Adair. They should also be prepared to lose at games every so often!

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Adair? Please contact Kristen Henry at or visit his photolisting profile.

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