The Best Days

Three times a year — for Christmas, International Day of the Child in June and for back-to-school in August — child sponsors have the opportunity to send a personalized card or bookmark to their sponsored child. Sponsors also make special donations to buy presents, throw parties and give special meals to kids. Holt’s on-the-ground staff and kids want you to know how much joy, lightness and excitement you give them during these special celebrations. Read just a few of our favorite updates from 2018 parties!

“Kids were extremely happy to see the photos of their sponsor and excited to share their birthday cards with their classmates and teachers.” CHINA

“We shared with the children that sponsors expressed their love, care and good wishes to their sponsored children in their message on the bookmarks.” ETHIOPIA

“We pray God to give very special blessings to all the sponsors who have made our party possible through their donations and who, during the whole year, have helped provide nutritious meals and a good education to children in HAITI.

“Thank you for remembering my birthday and sending me a birthday card from America!” CHILD AT AN ORPHANAGE IN THAILAND

“We thank you with all our hearts. May God continue to bless you and your families every single day of your lives.” PHILIPPINES

“We held a campfire at the orphanage and a barbecue party for the kids. The kids were very excited. They had the chance to eat grilled foods. The kids laughed a lot during team games like tug of war and volleyball. One child said that the gift from Holt has given her encouragement that made her optimistic to have a happy life. She knows there are many loving arms always to open to help kids like her. It also gives her energy to overcome obstacles to reach her dreams.” VIETNAM

“Children participated in songs, skits and dances. They also enjoyed soft drinks and snacks. Children received cards from their sponsors and this has lightened up their lives. They feel loved and all appreciate God for them.” UGANDA

Kids from an orphanage in INDIA went to a mall, ate pizza and then went to a movie theater for the first time!

In CAMBODIA, children received gifts of soccer balls, teddy bears, cars and trains.

Sponsor a child today, and send special birthday, back-to-school and Christmas gifts to a child across the world! 

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  1. Soooo adorable! May God bless each and every one of God’s children. My heart and prayers go out to these lovely children and their families. I sponsor children and it is the most beautiful and meaningful act one can do. My heart rejoices every time I can contribute to impact the lives of children in need.

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