The Most Urgent Needs of Children in Holt Programs

Every year, we identify children with the most life-threatening, immediate needs and ask donors to help them.  These children are in crisis. 


When you look into Shenaz’s eyes, they are dull, despondent, hopeless.

From grief, from sickness and from hunger. No 4-year-old should have this pain, this hopelessness in her eyes.

Last year, Shenaz’s father passed away. He was a river diver. In the Yamuna, the most polluted river in all of India, he dove below the surface to collect metals — copper, silver, gold if he was lucky. But one day, his foot got caught.

Shenaz, her four siblings and their mother, Shabnam, waited for him to come home, but he never did… Read More


Jun Jun.

Jun Jun’s cleft lip should have been repaired months ago.

Most babies born with cleft lip and palate get their first surgery at 3 to 6 months old. But Jun Jun is nearly a year old.

His orphanage can’t afford the procedure.

Jun Jun’s cleft lip makes it hard for him to eat. But with so many kids in his orphanage, Jun Jun’s caregivers don’t have enough time to give him the extra care he needs. They don’t have time to painstakingly feed him and make sure he receives enough nourishment at every meal. Since he has been in their care, they have watched helplessly as Jun Jun has grown dangerously thin… Read More


Sofia is absolutely precious.

She’s 7 years old and while her verbal communication skills are limited, you always know what she wants, what she likes and what she doesn’t like. She’s good at expressing her emotions. She really loves to color and draw and she’s always down for an adventure — whether it’s a picnic in the park, a piggyback ride through the zoo or a hand-in-hand walk to see the sights.

But, sadly, Sofia’s chances of joining a family are rapidly dwindling… Read More



As Holt’s senior writer for the past eight years, I’ve met a lot of kids.

I’ve heard — and retold — a lot of stories. And I’ve seen some pretty heartbreaking things. I feel it, every time. The hurt, the sadness in the eyes of these children.

But at this point, it’s pretty hard to shake me.

Then I met Linh.

Linh shook me. And I can’t get her out of my mind… Read More

Every child’s needs are different. But you can give a child in crisis the exact help they need right now. Go to to make a tax-deductible gift before December 31!

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