Pete Needs a Family!

Pete needs a family!

Pete is a happy and active 6-year-old boy who dreams of going to Disney World someday. Check out his Mickey Mouse shirt in the photos!

Currently in the first grade, Pete loves drawing and painting. Outside of school, he enjoys attending his dance, theater and music classes, and loves playing with toy cars and motorcycles.

Like other 6-year-olds, Pete loves games, and his go-to outfit is jeans and a t-shirt, which allows him to play freely.

Pete posing with his Mickey Mouse t-shirt.

Pete loves going out to restaurants to eat and watching movies with his foster family. He is working on his fear of the dark, as well as some behavior issues at school and home, and loves when his good behavior is recognized. Pete is a cooperative boy who easily follows instructions.

At times, Pete becomes sad when he thinks about his past, but is comforted by the possibility of joining a loving adoptive family. Pete desires a mother and father who will take care of and support him. The ideal family for Pete will have a good understanding of older child adoption, offer him security, a clear set of rules and limits, and enjoy going out to dinner and a movie.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Pete? Please contact Kristen Henry at or view his photolisting profile for more information.

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