Loden Needs a Family!


At only 4 years old, Loden has already shown that he is a very dedicated and strong little boy.

Loden is missing both of his upper forearms, and both of his shins and feet are deformed. In March 2017, he traveled to Beijing for surgery on his foot and they installed an “ankle foot orthosis of his lower limb.” Loden was so committed to finishing his physical therapy that he soon began to walk independently! He would refuse to take a rest and insisted on training longer than his peers every day.

Loden is an active boy who loves books, games and music. He also enjoys watching cartoons and playing with toy cars. He can be shy around people he doesn’t know, but once you get to know Loden, he is quite talkative and a good communicator.

A growth report from August 2018 states that Loden’s growth and development is normal. He can put on his orthopedic shoes to walk alone, and go up stairs with assistance. Loden receives one-on-one care and his caregiver feeds him due to his double upper limb disability.

Loden would benefit from a permanent loving family that can support his need for ongoing orthopedic therapy and care, including installation of prosthetic limbs.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Loden? Please contact Alycia Fahr-Zarlons at alyciaf@holtinternational.org or view his photolisting profile for more information.

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