Jun Jun Urgently Needs a Cleft Lip Surgery

In China, children with special needs who are living in orphanage care often go without — or wait too long for — the medical care they need. These are children like Jun Jun…

Jun Jun is a child with special needs who is living in an orphanage in China.

Jun Jun’s cleft lip should have been repaired months ago. Most babies born with cleft lip and palate get their first surgery at 3 to 6 months old. But Jun Jun is nearly a year old.

His orphanage can’t afford the procedure.

Jun Jun’s cleft lip makes it hard for him to eat. But with so many kids in his orphanage, Jun Jun’s caregivers don’t have enough time to give him the extra care he needs. They don’t have time to painstakingly feed him and make sure he receives enough nourishment at every meal. Since he has been in their care, they have watched helplessly as Jun Jun has grown dangerously thin.

Jun Jun needs surgery. But first, he needs nurturing, round-the-clock care to help him put on weight and grow strong enough to endure the stress of surgery.

He needs the kind of extraordinary care that children like Jun Jun can only find at a medical foster home like Holt’s Peace House.

A small apartment on the 26th floor of a high-rise building in Beijing, Peace House is a haven for sick children who come from orphanages all over China. A clean, cozy apartment cluttered with toys, the Peace House is just that: a peaceful place of healing and nurture. Its location in Beijing is critical — it enables the children to get the best medical care in the country. After surgery, they stay here until their condition stabilizes — until they are ready to go home to a family through adoption.

The Peace House is small — just six rooms total. It’s a cozy space, but one that makes it easy to give children round-the-clock care.

When a child cries in the night, their nanny comes to them. When a child goes to a doctor’s appointment, their nanny stays by their side the entire time. And, when they receive surgery, their nanny never leaves their bedside, even if they need to stay in the hospital for several days or several weeks.

Jun Jun urgently needs a nanny who will devote her time, care and attention to him, before, during and after cleft lip surgery. He needs a nanny who has the special training to feed a child with a cleft lip or palate.

But Peace House is 100 percent donor funded, and children like Jun Jun would never be able to stay there without the kindness and generosity of our donors.

Children who stay at Peace House have a broad range of medical conditions — from clubfoot to spina bifida to heart disease. In comparison, a cleft lip may seem like a minor, cosmetic surgery. But it is anything but minor. For children like Jun Jun who struggle to eat, who don’t get the care they need in an orphanage, a cleft surgery can truly mean the difference between life and death.

Jun Jun urgently needs help. He needs someone with a huge heart to give him the lifesaving care he needs and deserves. He needs someone like you.

You can give Jun Jun or a child like him the exact help they need right now. Go to holtinternational.org/helpone to make a tax-deductible gift before December 31!

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