Favorite Five Adoptee Stories

At Holt, we continue to learn from the diverse experiences and perspectives of adoptees, and adoptee stories continue to be some of the most popular content on our blog! Of all time, these are the five most popular adoptee stories ever to appear on the Holt blog. 

Courtney Young with her family.

No Fairytale Ending
Courtney Young, an adoptee and member of Holt’s marketing and development team, met her birth mother during her first trip to Korea with Holt. Here, she discusses family, culture and the complexities of adoption.

Emily Greene Thornton.

To Seek, But Not Find
Holt adoptee Emily Greene Thornton shares how even an inconclusive search for her birth family has helped her become more true to herself.

Steve Kalb and his daughter.

As Luck Would Have It
Steve Kalb, Holt’s director of adoptee services, discusses a common phrase international adoptees often hear, and how calling adoptees “lucky” shuts down positive discussion about identity.

Krista Gause.

Krista in Korea: A Letter to My Birth Mother
Before Holt adoptee Krista Gause travels on the Holt Heritage Tour to Korea, she writes an honest and heartfelt letter to her birth mother —sharing about her life and grieving the fact that it is too late for them to meet.

Kanya Sesser.
No Legs, No Limits

Kanya Sesser, a 21-year-old Holt adoptee from Thailand, skateboards, skis, races, models and surfs. Born without legs, Kanya has become an inspiration to friends and fans around the world with her motto “No legs, no limits.”

Holt’s post-adoption team stands committed to adoptees and their families for life. Learn more at holtinternational.org/pas!

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